Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crater lake called Okama...

last picture of the day

The sweetest escape ever...Thank you my love, I love you ^_^...i really really really wanted to go to this place. Dah lama ajak my love and finally he wants to go..and am so glad.. Before this i've never know what is Okama and why it is called as a crater lake...all i know and the reason i wanted to go..because ada tasik di atas gunung..kewll..but after that i browse through the internet..found out that crater lake is a lake that forms in a volcanic crater...ooohh... begitu kah.. Okama is on Mount Zao... besides Okama, this mountain is also the border between Miyagi ken and Yamagata ken.. this lake was formed by the volcanic eruption in the 1720s lagi.. it is also a five colors lake because it changes according to the weather....wahh menarik..but i dont really get it..adakah bertukar setiap musim? erm..i wonder..

The journey took 2 hours...we went there using normal road..tak ambil highway..since it is a bit further from Michinoku park...masih kah dikau ingat? Is is the park where my love and i buat penggambaran hindustan with all those beautiful tulips as well as other flowers.. atas sket from that park ada traffic light and belok kiri..beria-ria cerita macam la all of you can imagine it.. takpe imagine your own picture ok..agak was2 at first coz the road is very narrow and senyap sunyi..2-3 kereta je...nasib ada sign board..i did get recommendation from Hoshi-san, Okama is really worth it when we go around September...the autumn leaves already change their color.. on the way tu wondering jugak..because all the trees look all green lagi..
some of the sceneries along the road
masa ni still confuse..are we taking the right way?
this one too..hmm..betul kut..
From the map straight je..cuma jalan nampak belok2 sikit..so we were confident...until sampai di satu persimpangan dilema (macam tajuk lagu..hehe) hmm..confused..so we choose to turn right.. nasib baik betul..up ahead nampak signboard Zao ecoline..yeayy...rasa nak melompat2 keriangan.. on the way..i am still wondering..hijau je lagi daun2 ni.. at that time masih lagi mendaki bukit Zao..until..sampai satu tempat yang berkabus..and i saw colors like orange..red...yellow.. wow wiii..our first autumn experience..last year we arrived around November by that time it's nearly winter time yang ada cuma daun2 gugur je..there were a lot of cars and a lot of spots to see..they put a wooden signboard with camera picture on it.. i guess it's a nice spot to to take picture..terfikir nak stop by to take some pictures..but maybe there will me more on top...teruskan perjalanan.. until we saw..signboard of car park..and cars waiting in line to go in..erm kat sini kut..without wasting time love made a right turn and get in the queue...jem anggur masa nak masuk car park.. we have to pay 520 yen. Still worth it...naik lagi sikit and we found car parking space which seems full..pusing jap..nasib baik.. we got the nearest parking hehe..i like..
yeayy..ecoline..here we come...
love this...
and this too...
They said it is cold up there...yer la dah up in the mountain...my love and i dah standby jacket, i wore 2 layer of clothes..masa sampai tu masih boleh tahan the coldness..love only wore short sleeve shirt..sampai je tu terus put on his favourite jacket from his beloved wifey..hehe..awan tebal..we couldn't see very clear at first..and then nampak everyone headed to one place..agak curam we went there slowly...ikut je mesti semua nak pergi tengok okama..we arrived at one spot.. awan masih banyak..and we waited..and then bit by bit nampak okama..dah nampak..dah nampak.. apa lagi kena la posing...snapped some pictures lepas tu baru la tengok tasik tu betul2.. truly beautiful.. cantik.. masyaAllah..kami sangat kagum... dah jalan turun naik bukit rasa macam hiking plak..seems like this jacket buat perhiasan je kut..hehe
tertutup mata plak..hehe..sejuk..tapi bw jacket tebal sangat..takper dah pakai baju 2 layers..
menuju ke okama..aksi2 sementara menunggu the clouds cleared up untuk melihat okama
blurry okama
kireina okama
model okama....hehe..
tid bits from okama..lepas tu cloudy balik..hu..
we walked further to see the lake at different angle..my love siap nk join auntie and uncles japan ni pergi hiking further up..huhu..mana boleh tak cukup equipment..next time k.. while we were walking..suddenly..awan tebal datang and covers everything..tak nampak lake pun..jangan kan lake other tourist pun tak nampak... i saw this rock and wanted to take more photos of us.. setting and then lari2..siap buat penggambaran ala2 filem cinta gitu..eheh.. nobody can see us.. mengisi masa lapang sementara tunggu clouds tu clear up... dah habis shooting.. tapi still the same.. and we decided to take the cable car to see the autumn views at the other side of the mountain...
some of the so called penggambaran filem..sikit2 jer..takleh letak semua..malu..
And we were amazed once again by the view..totally breathaking... we made the right choice to come here for our outing..seronoknyaaa....i love this outing a lot...the leaves..the views..the mountains..i just cant describe it with words..Allah yang agung..creates such wonders at this world..and we were glad to have this opportunity..it is surely unforgettable one..nanti nk datang lagi yer love..hehe..insyaAllah..
action kamen miss sa during cable car ride
our cheeky acts..
my love and i...
another autumn view..
the other side
bright colors..
On the way back to the mountain..suddenly awan sangat tebal and a sudden coldness strikes me...(betul ke ayat ni?)
berguna juga jacket yang di bawa ni..tak sia2..
with favourite jacket and handbag..gift of love from my love...muahh..
ingat nak tengok okama once more before balik..no hope..the clouds are still thick..
we decided to go to the other side..baper banyak side ni huhu..one of the shrine up in the mountain...
perut pun dah lapar..we headed back to the car..ate our lunch and start our journey back..ingatkan nak singgah at those autumn spots which we saw earlier..tapi awan masih tebal and we couldnt see anything at the side of the road..tak ada rezeki..but we did had a wonderful experience...thank you love for making this dream come true...xoxo..


A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

ne- chan!
zasshin wa kiree desu!!

daku jeles!


Hanis MY said...

hontou ni? arigatou..kira chan..ala kat sana mesti lagi byk autumn pny scenery yang cantik2..nanti posing2 k dear...

Anonymous said...

sgt jeles okay.. huhu... best3x...
n sgt lawa tmpt tu.. btw, sumone was having photoshoot session atas tu ngn husband dia. romantic! =)

Hanis MY said...

nisa darl...ala u n shemok lagi la sweet muwit tau..hehe..yup tak sangka tempat tu lawa..really worth it. photoshoot session la sgt, of course i'm the one yang beria2 nasib baik my love sporting that day..hehe

Fadhilah H said...

dear, i followed ur entries regularly. tapi kadang2 tak sempat nak bagi komen. what a nice place to go. cantik. ;)

btw, i'm going to switzerland tomorrow. for a course. 1 week kat sana. b back in malaysia on 11th, InsyaAllah. :)

Izzat Taisa said...

okama juga boleh membawa maksud pondan tau sensei.haha

Hanis MY said...

izzat...laa yer ker..bistu dh mmg nama dia okama..hehe klakar lak kolam pondan..kui2..


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