Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sendai Yokoso...

outside the prayer room at HKIA

Finally i'm back in TGG after a very long n hectic journey. A very tight schedule..sampai nak ambil gambar pun tak's not that we are not allowed to take any but coz of the time, the weather and the tasks..we seem to forget to capture the moment there. But still..there are some photos that we manage to take. My husband and i started our journey on October 5, 2008. Ish cam skima plak ayat..ok takper..move on..from TGG, Dr Safiih Lola sent us to the airport and we arrived at KLIA around 11 plus.. lunch, pray and check in and ready for our flight to Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific. When we arrived there, it is nearly ten and all the shops in the airport was closed...there are a few shops opens for 24-hour..7 Eleven of coz..and an expensive coffee shop. I forgot the name. We just bought some drinks since we brought some foods in our bag. Bajet jgn tak bajet hehe..and then pray...the interesting part is there is a prayer room at HKIA. Wow! But it is a general one..every faith can pray in that room. There are some chairs and a desk, and there is a space at the back of the room and also ada tempat wuduk..siap ada sejadah, tapi tak separate la men-women...takperla asal ada tempat solat dah it was very convenient for us. Lupa lak nak amek gambar..amek kat luar bilik tu

somewhere in HKIA departure level

tulah sofa tempat kami rehat/tido huhu

next stop Tokyo, Narita airport...

Burink tahap gaban,..we took several pics n then rehat2 kat kusi tu..pastu terlelap..but not for long..maybe 1hour plus...coz i felt insecure, afraid that somebody might took our belongings.. while my love is fast asleep. We went for subuh prayer and chek in at 7am for our flight to Narita.

We arrived at Narita around 3pm..and our domestic flight to sendai is around 5pm...without wasting any time we went to information counter, took a bus to terminal one. Straight away check in and the best part is pray kat changing room haha..sempit..tapi just nice, muat2 untuk sujud.. wuduk kat sinki..masa nak basuh kaki tu wat selamba jer la angkat kaki kat sink huu.. terpaksa...It is already dark at the time we depart to Sendai. When we arrive there, Fukumura sensei is waiting outside the luggage claim area..and i wave at him.. he walks so fast that i need to run to keep up with him. We put our staffs into his Mazda car and off we go to the international house. It took about 45 mins to reach there. Our block is B8 n the house number is B-616. Mori san is wating over there and we take a look at the is small but it is a bit bigger then i imagined. When we enter the house...there is a toilet on the right and a bedroom on the left.Between that there is a stair which led to a small living room consist of one small desk and 2 chairs and nest to it is the kitchen equipped with fridge, cabinet, gas stove and 4 seaters table. I guess it is a complete house and we could not ask for more. Unfortunately we can only live there for one year. huhu...


living room..i guess so..

careful with the steps..

After that Fukumura sensei took us to AEON a.k.a Jusco. He knew that we are short of money and he bought us mattress, blanket, pillows, bedsheet, kettle and iron. I feel so touched by his kindness. He gave me the receipt and said, "you can pay it anytime, there is no interest". So sweet of him. We bought some toiletries...and went for dinner. I forgot the name of the resturant. To be on the safe side, we had rice and fish...we went back to the house, put up our new bedding and fell asleep. we were sooooo tired.


sbelah kanan toilet, kiri ada tangga sbelah tangga bedroom

The next morning around 9am Mori san rang the bell. We went to DiRECT office, there was a briefing and then we went for lunch at the cafe, after that to ward office to do alien registration and we went to the bank but it was already closed. Go back to my lab and wait for the welcoming party. It started at 6.30pm and they served sushi with uncooked seafood on top of it, pizza and some junkfood. We just ate 2 sushi and pizza. Tak biasa makan sushi mentah camtu..but it was quite ok...we'll give it another try next time.

with beautiful Mori-san

Mine is C

Somewhere near Ward Office

The next day we continued the unfinished bussiness, it was rainy the whole day, we went to the bank, there is some complication so KIV and went to the ministry of justice to do reentry permit, glad it was settled on the spot. We went back to the bank, but the other branch. There was still some complication that I need a seal with my name in order to open a bank account and there was a misunderstanding regarding the info given to the DiRECT is nearly 3pm and the bank was going to close but since it is a special case so we went out to buy the seal and went back to the bank using a special door. The seal was written in kanji and my name became Hayashi..,haha..we dun have time so we just simply grab one. So from now on i am Haya san. We went back to the lab, Mori san have something to do...we waited there and we went back at 9pm. Moi san brought us to the "kombini" shop which is quite near from our house. So the next time we can just walk to the shop. Bought some food and went back home.

On the third day we continued the registration process, went to the DiRECT, submit the completed forms to kyomu (postgrad office) and kagaku jimu (chemistry dept. office). Had lunch at engineering faculty. There is a halal food there chicken and meat..yey...10 mins walk from my faculty. Kat situ pak arab pantau everyweek. Huhu why there isn't one at the cafe next to my faculty..takperla leh kuruskan badan jalan jauh hehe..went back to my lab. I had a discussion with Fukumura sensei and Horimoto sensei. Roughly it will involve nanomaterial-biomaterial and STM. I have no idea at all...lots of stuff to read and learn. At 6 Tanaka sensei (my love's supervisor) invite us to dinner with them. It was quite far from the campus...south side of Sendai. The restaurant is St. Marc, and it was a posh one. I've never been to expensive restaurant. We had 5 courses. I didnt know which spoon or fork to use..gosh..and in between that courses they serve bread (bun, croissant, etc) with different flavours that we can choose which are still hot right from the oven.. it's definitly oishii... first is bread, and then soup, bread again, salad, bread, salmon and cheese, bread, main course (forgot the name), bread, dessert (very delicious ice-cream) and bread again. I was so full but the bread was so soft and tasty, it was irresistable.. each time when the course arrive i will ask Tanaka sensei which spoon/fork/knife should i use. Then i figured it out.. it's should i say this..erm...dlm susunan so no need to choose every time each course sampai just use yg paling hujung like orbital..use the outer orbital followed by second orbital until the last course arrive..hehe betapa "darat" nyer i nihs..adus.. it's ok..learn new things everyday..

HKIA again...sigh..

On October 10th, we went to Sendai Station by bus and take the shinkansen to tokyo and another train to NArita Airport TErminal 2 and headed back to home sweet home...


sabiqahAnuar said... alhamdulillah da setel suma..lei balik pack brg nk g tol2..emm bila BTN??

Hanis MY said...

hait fenin2 byk mender nak packing, opis tak kemas g..btn esok wawawa..takut2..tak reti sejarah n politik..huk..


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