Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There’s a lot I need to catch-up with my page. I had a rough time to adapt my new life here in Sendai. Well next story is about my keberangkatan ke bumi Jepun. Indonesian style would be “tanggal 15 November” 2008. My flight schedules were KBR-KUL (1650-1745), KUL-NRT (2335-0715) and NRT-SENDAI (1030-1135).

At KLIA everybody came to see us. Of course both my parents and parents in-law came down all the way from Kota Bharu to KL. Kak Ja and Abg Fatah with Ninin, Aqil and Umar and Kak Hanim and Abg Didi with cutie Alyf came. Not to forget my forever “bestest” fren, Sha and Hubby and also Aish Rifaie’. My other in-laws, Abg Amer and Kak Norli with Aina and Aizuddin, Abe Sedi and Kak Sah with their daughters Long, Ngah, Yaya and Izzati, Kak Nik and Abe Mede with their children Hafiz, Hariz, Haikal and Huda, Kak Cik and Abg Kamal with Iskandar sweet Sarah and Adam, Abg Mat and Melati with cheeky Irfan. From airport Kota Bharu, Abg Yan and Kak Yah with Afif, Alin and Aqif, Abe Meri and Kak Zi with Tina, Sya and Danish and also Abe Mezi with Kak Ros and their cuties Thaqif and Awatif. Abg Yan gave some pocket money…thanks a lot…It really mean so much for me. I already felt the sadness..while in Putrajaya taking my agreements and so on. I am afraid. It must be really hard living as a foreigner here.

my love's family

Our luggage exceed the limit..gosh..luckily we went to KLIA with parents so their luggage can cover ours..but to NARITA it will cost us RM70 per kg and our excess is up to 14 kg. Gosh…I called Kak Ja to borrow her hand luggage but she misunderstood that I wanted a new hand luggage so she went to Jusco to buy a new one and I called Kak Hanim to bring Kak Ja’s hand luggage that she borrowed. is really complicated. In the end both hand luggage is very handy and helped us a lot. Luckily I got the luggage at a very special price it’s sale time and the discount is 70%. Alhamdulillah. We manage to reduce our luggage to 51 kg. yey… tapi terpaksa la bawa satu bagpack and tarik hand luggage. We have to coz it is all the important things that we must bring with us. It’s time to depart. The tears started to fill my eyes. After Abg Kamal reciting doa and as I bersalaman with everybody I just cant control my tear. I started to cry. Tears are running down..a lot..Kak Hanim also started to cry..and my nieces Huda and Sarah try to calm me down. As I walk to the check in gate and down the elevators for the immigration check…they were calling my name loudly from above..saying “bye Cik Hanis..jangan nangis..jangan sedih..” The tears came down harder and harder I waved to everybody, I can see mama and Sha, Kak Hanim with teary eyes..oh my…writing this really trigger me that moment again. I can’t find abah. But I can see Mek and Ayah with Kak Norli and Abg Amer. My eyes are full with tears and my sight became blur..gosh I am really manja..or is it normal to cry like this?..i am still sobbing in the train to the terminal gate. But life must go matter what happen. I am afraid what the future awaits for me. I hope everything happen will happen for good. There are several pictures I took at the KLIA, NRT and Sendai.

Kak nim+baby alyff and Kak Ja

my ever dearest bestest fren...Sha

I’m back in Kaikan again. By the way kaikan means international house. Now all the leaves started to fall its called Koyo. It’s really freezing here. I started to wear inner clothing and winter coat. The snow has come down on the 18. But the next day it stops until today. I saw car owners started to change their car tires. Winter is coming. It’s getting colder and colder. I’m so scared. Dunno whether I can survive. I hope I can. Must wear layers and layers of clothes. Thanks to my love for being by my side and supportive. Hopefully it will never fades..ever…till my next update, jya, mata.

ours is B8-616

view on the left side (from the stairs)

view from the right side


sabiqahAnuar said...

hehe ala sekampung gitu yg menghantar..hehe tp tul la kan, consists of 2 famalies..anyway, i doakan u sentiasa kat sana, heee..sambil2 wat pHD nt balik bawak sama surat beranak bby tau, heee- anak versi nippon, haitttt!!!

heee tgk all those pics, tringat mine..

Hanis MY said...

hehe thanks a lot dear i pom doakan u gaks..klu ada rezeki ada la satu anak nippon..insyaAllah..amin..

sabiqahAnuar said...

ameenn , mesti puteh+mata sepet..hahah badi org jepun, hehe


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