Thursday, November 20, 2008

Farewell JasKim..^_^


huhu..sedey2..terharu sangat2. tak sangka plak ada farewell special from my colleagues. Last minute plak tu..syabas buat ketua program Dr. Kerol, serta ajk Pn. Hu. When my flight was confirmed i ym huda, kak erin n kerol..and oso e few more..just to invite them to have last bekfes or lunch together2 before i go back to KB. Kebetulan plak kena balik kb to settle our agreement. Nak penjamin la it has to be siblings. Hatta arakian terpospon la planning. On my way back to KT (Nov 9) kerol called and told me jamuan farwell on November 10th. Pastu i kena prepare speech ok.. huu i ni bab2 bagi talk2 in front of people memang lemah klu student..ok sket coz terpaksa and they are much love was also invited. It was so nice of them. Menambahkan lagi keterharuan ini. The party started around 2.30pm and ramai sgt2 yang datang. took some pictures but it turned out not that nice huhu,..penyelaras program made a cheese cake my goodness...i cant believe it..and it is very2 yummy..tho ramai org complaining this and that but seems like everybody loves it..good job dr. k. here are some of the pics..i wanted to thank someone but i was afraid. That person is my dearest love. Thank you so much for everything, stay with me, keep on taking good care of me, ok love..

penerimaan watikah
happy family of JasKim, Dr Ju's missing

Kak Erin dearie

Pn Hu, best buddy

watikah a.k.a the farewell card

the sweetest thing

I was really surprised when i opened the card. There were lots of cash notes inside. They did a collection, spent some of the money for the food and the rest they put it in the envelope..owh.. it's so touching. huhuhu...Pn. Hu told me at first they wanted to surprised me by giving the money in YEN but it after a long q, Dr K failed to change it coz the changer dun have enough YEN. It's ok...anyway i've decided to buy a bag pack so that all of you will always be with me everywhere i go..thanks a lot u guys..miss u guys..please pray for my success..Dr aidil ask to come back on 111111. Amin..insyaAllah

i dun have a name yet...maybe later..


sabiqahAnuar said...

that looks yummy, heehhe...alahai, tomei tul miman kat dalam pic tuhs, heee..ermm without kJ??heeee

Hanis MY said...

KJ..busy sket that day..i pom tatau..she cant make it..tapi sempat la jumpa dia seblum balik kb..

eilawaniey said...

to cik tuan: miman je ke y chumel??org lain???opss!!!

to kak hanis: i'm going back to mesia soon..heheh..

sabiqahAnuar said...

hahahaa, YE LAAAA

Hanis MY said...

ilaaa...jeles2..balik mesia wawawa, saje je u ni..ish tak bek kaco2 miss sa nanti dia teringat kang i tatau hehe...


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