Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life in Sendai

I guess our life here now is getting better. We get used with the weather bit by bit. It's getting colder day by day. Pakai baju sama tebal n berlapis2 tapi still rasa sejuk. Huu...especially when we are walking and then waiting for the bus. Kesejukan tu menusuk sampai ke tulang..Everything is expensive here..huhu..we have to travel by bus from kaikan o the city and change to another bus to campus. From kaikan its either 899 or 999 while to campus is 719 direct to Aobayama campus, if we miss the bus we have to take 715 we have to walk from engineering to Aobayama around 10 mins. There's a shortcut but we havent explored it yet. 715 bus is more frequent than 719 since there a many students from eng dept. Our bus fare cost us around 880 yen per head per day which is around RM67. So both of us is around RM134. huu..we are still converting everything since our first advance money is in RM. We bought a rice cooker and the cheapest cost us around RM300..gosh..plus we need to buy some winter clothing. Cost of living is really high. We are thinking of buying a car. Since it is getting colder and traveling by bus cost us time, energy and of course money. Hopefully we can find a cheap car. We really need one. Maybe a bit more expensive than traveling by bus but it will be very useful in many ways. The picture taken was near Sendai station, from 719 change to either 899 or 999. That is Yamada-san. She's in charge of international student in Aobayama campus. She's very nice..plus pretty too..when she took our pictures she wanted to focus on the background of the city but i guess its not clear at night plus kamera cap unta hehe.


sabiqahAnuar said...

mak aiiiihh mahal gilers tambang bus, kalag air asia fares kL-kB, hehehe...takpa, nt get used with it, KPT bagi byk kan duit, hehee

Hanis MY said...

terbantut program nak shopping, klu bus fare free cam u beshnya..internet pom free..klu i nak pasang tenet kat umah..duit lagi..hu..buukan cam u wireless sampai dlm toi..jeles2

tHe waY ! am said...

emmms keciannye...hehe miss u la


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