Thursday, December 4, 2008


view from the balcony

Motto means more..i was about to write more about Sendai life when i came across Miss Sa's blog this morning. I'm sure over there is much2 colder from here. The lowest temperature here would be around -2 to -5. Tabik spring kat Miss Sa coz dapat idup di tempat yang sgt la sejuk..I kat sendai ni pom dah rasa sejuk yg amat. Hari ni my love baca berita harian ada gegaran di Miyagi..gosh itu kat daerah kitaorg tu..tapi alhamdulillah tak ada rasa apa-apa pom..maybe northern part of sendai kut. And then just love "ym" mention that he feel dizzy..and it turn out that his building is shaking. He's in 11th floor. The higher the place the easier you can feel it plus harder than lower ground. As for me..i dun feel anything..fuhh..lega noo..sampai jugak sisa-sisa gegaran tu kat
Next part is snow..winter in Sendai. As for last month is already winter time. But there's no snow. But snow occurred twice last month which never happened before (according to Mori-san It melt down by the end of the day. Usually it will come down in Dec. Last week i went to Dr. Brian's class. He told me that snow in Sendai is not much like other part in Miyagi. Sendai is protected by this place only get the cold wind instead of snow. Sebab tu la hawi2 i pakai winter coat walaupom takder snow hehe..sejuksss.. plus the snow is like ABC tanpa perasa instead of soft, can play snowball with it. It is not thick. Skejap2 jer snow. Kalau nak merasa snow is about an hour from Sendai..huu ntah sempat pegi ntah tidak..kat mana, nak g cemana pom tatau. When we heard about the snow in Sendai we are quite relieved igntkan kena jalan meredah salji with boots..macam citer dlm tiwi tuu..we havent buy boots yet since it is still ok in sendai just wearing normal shoes for now.
bento...sekarang tiap2 hari bawa bekal save budget plus takyah jalan sejuk2 g cafe hehe.. i'm glad love is helping me with the house chores. Wah2 my love dah semakin expert masak, kalah isteri dia hehe..tapi kitaorg masak biasa2 jer..goreng2 gitu jer..stakat yang mampu with limited time..nanti dah beli bawang etc..boleh la nak masak berkuah2 sket during weekend and buat stok banyak2 sket for bento hehe. Love has started his nihonggo class last Tuesday. He's enjoying it..i'm glad..and he also started to speak least i can learn from him since i cant make it to that class. He's also busy preparing for his proposal presentation which is next week. Gaambatte kudasai ne. There's more to write but "taimu rimitto" japs version..till next time.


IZANJAY said...

Hai Hanis...have been reviewing your blogs...Dr K yang bagi..anyway..take care both of's great to have ur least we know what's happening...and ur updates...till then, take care and miss yer lots!

sabiqahAnuar said...

waaa hanis-San, hehe siap bawak bento, heheh cumel tul bahasa jepun, emm klu jupe sin chan kem salam dehs, hehhe

a'a tul tuh, arini da minus -13, next week myb start to down to -22C huhu, that's it- this place not for human being, wuwuwuwu

emm iLa da selamat sampai malaysia, siap tgh makan daging gebe da tu..hehe

nt upload laa gambar byk2 dlam face book, hhehehe

Hanis MY said...

kak izan..tengkiyu sudi lawat blog i..hehe u r most welcome..byk benda nak story tapi tak sempat..wuwu..

Miss sa..-22C biar betoi..adus..mejuk2...sin chan takder la huu so far tak nampak g katun tu dlm tv hehe..

miss both of u and the rest..huu salam aidiladha..

faizibnaziz said...

takper2..jom join malaysian snowboard trip 2008 anjuran abg pejul dan keluarga..pada 3hb januari 2009..nnti leh laa golek2 cam citer katun..anyway..jgn lupa join Remaja Riang Sendai mailing list-yahoo group-(RRS)..

sabiqahAnuar said...

hehe tankiu...emmm arini i balik's -27C waaaaaaaaaaa


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