Tuesday, April 21, 2009


with the doll maker

I think someone out there in UMT will know about this. I wanted to include it in my Matsushima post. But at that time i thought erm..maybe some other time..or should i say tak berapa rajin..hehe..since there are many things to tell, with the birds, the bridges, the small islands and so on...but i really wanted to point out kokeshi doll in separate post. When i arrived here, Fukumura sensei gave me some pamphlet about Sendai, the trademark of Sendai is samurai while the trademark for Miyagi is Kokeshi doll. Akira chan was right Kokeshi doll was originated from Miyagi which is in Tohoku region. Tapi kokeshi doll that i've seen here, taklah secantik kokeshi doll that i saw in Kira's page. More natural and less accessories or should i say tak chumel sgt..hehe..sian keshi..mesti sedih dia dengar ni. It's not about the cuteness but i guess it is about the price which is quite expensive for us. But we will buy it one as a trademark that we have lived here for some years and that doll will remind us a lot about Sendai.

I saw some kokeshi dolls around Sendai city..just the dolls...and even the biggest one in Nishi koen sort of statue..but what i saw at Matsushima, the doll plus the doll maker. I'm not sure whether he is the maker of all kokeshi doll..takkan la kut hehe..maybe there are some other people..but he seems established since he has a big shop selling kokeshi dolls which vary in sizes. It was awesome..my love and i really enjoyed watching him just from outside the window shop. He looks quite old..by the wrinkle at his hands and face yet still strong and has a pair of sharp eyes...he doesn't wear a spectacles nor glove as if he owns all the skills that are needed to make a kokeshi doll..all seems perfect with the same size and height. We didn't realize we were standing there about 20 minutes...tabun(maybe)..but we are truly sorry...we didn't buy the doll. Tengok jer beria belinya tak poms..hehe..sowi eh uncle next time bila both of us nak abis study we will surely buy one...

jenguk jer tak masuk poms..


A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

u were there!!!

yelar sis..kokeshi dolls yang qila paste tu yang updated nyer..dah dimanipulated oleh golongan moden..kikiki

n kalu tak silap, yang cute2 tu banyak kat asakusa..y don't u check it there plaks? ehehe..

sis, kalau u tak kesah, belikan i yg chumels2 leh? i'll pay u..wuuu
tu kalau u sudi la..hukhuk..

take care u~~

*i lyke this entry*


Hanis MY said...

of course..bley jer..tapi tatau la kat mana asakusa tu...need to study more about japan hehe...

farhanini said...

akak,coat itu sgt cantik tp xblh pakai kt terengganu yg sedang pns ni.huhu.

Hanis MY said...

ye ker..i like..nanti nini leh pkai mcm2 pesen lg kat sini hehe, tapi akak beli time sale jer..carik yg murah2 n berbaloi gitu..

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

takper2 sis.. take ur tyme.. asakusa tu quite busy town kot..sebab ade temple yang ada giant lantern kat entrance die.. hehe..tu berdasarkan pemerhatian qila masa tengok cite jepun la..huuu

kalau u jumpa (esp with the pink colour), do not hesitate to inform me asap..or u can buy them first, tapi jangan mahal2 sangat tau..heee~



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