Friday, April 17, 2009

Hanami turns Gyoza

gyoza desu

Today we are supposed to have Hanami trip at Shiogama Jinja...erm..i donno where is that place. Roughly the plan was..from campus to sendai station by bus..from sendai station to Shiogama by densya. Hanami will start at 12 noon. I will go with Sotome-san, the rest with their own car, dah penuh just the two of us left without transport, my love nak g solat jumaat so he needs the car plus i don't know where is that place. .few days back, according to the weather forecast today will be sunny, but it may change.. so yesterday, when they checked it will rain, all of us hoping really hard it will be sunny..but sadly it rains, and it will be heavy from 12 onwards. Program starts at 12 so there was no hope at all. Untuk mengubat hati yang duka lara, they decided to do mini party and the menu is gyoza. I never eat nor see gyoza. Mori-san told me it is a chinese food and quite popular among japanese. I didn't take part as i assume it will involve beef. As usual i continue my labwork since there's no hanami..kerja tetap jalan..tapi sebenarnya rasa nak balik ni membuak2.. hu, tapi maybe my luck today..dapat good data ke..who knows..when i want to pray asar i pass by the seminar room. They are preparing gyoza (the raw material) and i went back to STM room..nak g STM room memang kena lalu seminar room suddenly Mori-san called me. "Hanis-san i need your help" katanya. "oh..ok..sure.", i replied. Switched off my STM and went back to the seminar room. "This one is for you, maguro (tuna) and we will cook it separately with this one" Mori-san said while showing another portion looks like beef and chicken. Wahh terharu plak rasa siap buat separately..pastu i have to mix the i went to the other side and start mixing my maguro instructed by Mori-san.
After that buat outer part...Toyouchi-san already did the dough..ala2 karipap la plak..teringin nak ambil gambar but it's too late my hand is dirty and there are a lot of work need to be done, cut it into small pieces and start to canai plak...memula tenaga 3 org then came others to help..whew..kalau tak ntah bila nak abis..there's this 2 big sort of pan, so they will cook theirs over there and mine dekat sink..smaller pan, baru i have no doubt, i make the mix myself and cooked in a brand new pan...yey..they are awesome. Of course i didn't know how to cook it, Matsushima-san helped me since he is an expert and he comes from the region which is popular with gyoza. Fukumura sensei came and the party starts..biasa la of course ada wine..but i drank tea in my own glass. They ate it with soy sauce but i didn't eat it..sebab they dip it with beef i have to eat it just like that without sauce..but it was delicios..i love it.. they snapped some pictures...all of them are candid..tak perasan pun when they capture all those pics..ralit buat keje..he..but i went out early coz i need to solat magrib and tak masuk2 dah.. continue my STM but sadly no result for i will try again, tomorrow is Sato-san's turn so maybe i'll try it again on Sunday or next are some pics that i got from them...

dough is finished, next...mix the ingredient

beside me is an engineer from Russia but i dont know his name..dtg sini baiki instrument

Tatsumi-san buat aksi..Matsushima-san (right) pakar gyoza

nearly 1 1/2 hours buat benda ni seblah tuu Matsuda-san new comer of our lab

this is how they cook it..those are their portion mine is in a very small and cute pan..hehe

This is my first time join makan2 at lab before this i never joined them, sometimes they will have dinner outside, so for this time they all siap buat separate portion for me so i decided to join..nanti apa plak kata Fukumura sensei..before this kalau tak join selalu dia tanya.."u didn't join lab members? I understand u have some obligation about the food. It is ok." Just now masa tgh makan2 Fukumura sensei seems surprised.."Hanis-san..u are about her food..she cannot eat this"..and they explained that i have special portion.."Oh..good2..'' and he smiles..It was a fun experience...even though i'm really looking forward for hanami but gyoza is surely a memorable experience...


syara said...

nyum2...mcm wantan ja.. sedap tak??

Hanis MY said...

tu la cam wantan..hehe i bukan tahu sgt bab2 makanan ni..sedap..mesti u or incik soofi tahu wat benda ni...

sabiqahAnuar said...

hehehhe cumelssss aaa u hanis
fukurama sensei tu baik aa hehehe

Hanis MY said...

ha ah tu la tak sangka plak dia alert yg i taleh mamam daging n ayam yg tak sembelih..hehe..cute..

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

sis hanis

it's Aqila - tutor bio
i link ur blogsite to mine ye?
japan always attract me ~
hehe..i'll be there sumday

Hanis MY said...

okies..bisa aja..yer ker..which part, besh2 ada lagi geng umt dtg japan..serunutss

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

saya suke artis die (heheh!), technology, food die dan kesimpulannya environment die la..

mula2 memang plan nak sambung kat japan, tapi abg saya ni tak berkenan..die kata kalau gi melancong kat jepun takpe..kalau nak stay lama macam tak praktikal je..

eleh die tu nak gi uk sebenanya..heheh!

nyway..take care u~

kalau qila nak sumthing dari jepun, leh mintak akak belikan?heheh~

DaRk AnGeL said...


hana robert said...

very nice. very very nice of them.. :)


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