Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feels like 7 again...

Seriously i felt like in primary school again. Darjah 1.hehe..feels like kindergarten tak pergi la plak tadika tu huhu..last Saturday ada kelas japs class..ramai org tak dtg, if i knew i would skipt it too and i can do my labwork..or outing with my love and parents. erm..just joking my love and i berjurus..mana ada ponteng kelas..that day we learn about the position, here are some of it:
ue - above
shita - under
aida - middle/between
mae - front
kana - inside

hehe sounds chumels right. After that Abe sensei gave each student a paper, she will say few sentences describing the positions of things and we have to draw it. Bermulalah proses lukis melukis, i tried to draw as nice as possible. She collected it and fold at top of the paper (to hide our name) and paste it on the blackboard. She asked us to stand up and start voting whose drawing is the best. Macam2 pesen ada, she asked to draw a beautiful lady inside a room so i drew her..and wrote next to it (Kireina Abe sensei) some of them draw a lady but doesnt look like one nampak mcm ghost hehe..antu rambut panjang and menggerbang..of course i will vote for my love's drawing and i also asked him to vote for drawing won.. funny yet sweet..and the best part dapat hadiah cookie from Abe that time i really felt like...i'm back in the old days..little girl..wearing dark blue pinafore kemeja button sampai atas..he and tersenyum malu2 receiving the present.
Sadly inside the cookies it contain shortening and i'm not sure which source, animal or plant so i gave it to Soutome-san. Terus buka n makan siap cakap oishii lg..saje je Soutome-san ni hehe, gosh so tired of lab work..loads of work to come and to settle..but i cant wait for our 1st anniversary tomorrow...hopefully we will have time to celebrate it...


+ v3r_miLion + said...

bekas itu sgt cumel akak!! ley pos kat zila x??hee

fadhilah said...

hehe... post la lukisan tu kt sini ;)

Hanis MY said...

Zila..sadly, Soutome-san dah buang huu..

Fadhilah...lukisan tu Sensei tu simpan la huhu..

so many huhu today..

+ v3r_miLion + said...

aiyak! sudah buang kah??huhu :( takpe..nanti zila carik kat kedai..ahaha (mcm ada)


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