Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010...

the love of my life

Time flies sooo fast, i guess everybody will say that when a new year is coming..which is tomorrow. For me it's just the year...what does it mean??...getting older of course, another meaning.. i have little time left for my phd study..really have to work hard.. harder than before... wishes can be made every time and every day, so i don't really have new year's resolution, everyday i wanna be a better person, everyday i wanna be successful, everyday i wanna be happy, everyday i want travel around the world, everyday i want this and i want that..seriously, you dont have to wait until new year for that..we can improve or get it anytime we want, if we work for it...and have our own time frame for that of course.

As i walking out of biochemistry lab..walking while looking at my sample... yes after a thought (and doa of course) i will continue for another 1 month... in my heart i said...will you show up something +ve today..?( i sounds crazy??). I did my experiment that day and as usual from morning till 7.30 pm...there's no sign... it's ok... i never gave up on "u" as usual, because last time i did found something interesting and now it's the matter of time to further prove it but yet there's nothing positive at all...which gives a sign whether i should continue with this or not, because of this slow progress, it does make everybody worried especially me, afraid that it's wasting my time doing something that wont show any sign of jewel... for another one month i will go on, as well as looking up for a new topic which i felt really difficult (it does...really)... maybe seems like wasting time but i think that, this would be the best. Hoping really hard to continue with this current topic (if it's the best for my future). InsyaAllah..semoga apa yang dirancang oleh-Nya adalah yang terbaik...I am just so glad for everyday i wake up, i have my love by my side, i have my lovely family who cares for me every single day, i have the strength and good health.. just hope and plan for a better life ahead.. with the help of the Almighty..insyaAllah...

For this coming new year, i received this message via email..wanna share it with all of you..

Dear All,

Wishing you all the best in the coming year....

Wishing you a wonderful Chocolatesnew month and a happy new year in advance.

Don't Cubicles too hard but work smart. May your boss appreciate you and say Thumbs Up Good Job.
Take care of yourselfDreaming. Pamper yourself and buy some beautifulShopping Wedding Dress.

Don't worry coz money will come from above. May you also purchase or change a House and a Car.
May the days ahead be busy but easy Watching  The Clock, Relax and go CruisingPilotaround the world. It's important to have good health, therefore, eat more AppleBroccoliCarrots and Corn, but not too much Fat Fat Guy.
Do remember to
Tennis at least once a week. Don't Good Vs Evil with your sweetheart, and be generous to sayHug And KissI  Love  You.
Here's wishing you well in December 2009Aging and best wishes to all your family in the coming year 2010!


happyichigo♥ said...

happy new year! hanis!

Hanis MY said...

Dira!..Happy new year too..arigatou..


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