Wednesday, September 24, 2008 i come...

At dream will come true. After several struggle and frustration, finally we've made thru. Alhamdulillah... Lots of obstacle and i thought that my husband and i wont make it. But our situation is kinda complicated but we are willing to do it, if that what it takes to further our PhD. Like Miss Sa quoted to me "Allah is enuf for us no matter what.." Thanks dear. Well..we need to register at Tohoku University not later than October 31st 2008. The problem is KPT wont approve our scholar if we didnt undergo BTN. We have applied earlier but since our application was still under KIV at KPT so our BTN application on August were rejected. The earliest BTN after raya is on the 16-21 October.

So our alternative is to postpone the registration date. But Tohoku University wont allow late registration. Other option is next intake but we have to undergo again all the application and interview process..huhu..We called KPT and appeal to forward the documents etc.. but KPT have to follow the ISO so there's nothing they can do yet our scholarship is only valid for this year. By hook or by crook we need to go to Japan. I told everything to my SV, Prof Hiroshi Fukumura.. (segak sungguh namanya hehe..). He suggested me to come and register first and go back to settle BTN and other documents and come back again early November most probably on the 11th ... whew.. told ya so..complicated rite...

We have to really really really list out and budget everything. Survey pny survey the cheapest flight ticket is Cathay Pacific but it's not direct flight and we have to stay overnight at the airport. Huhu takper la murah pny pasal. Luckily when we arrive at Sendai, we can stay at the University House which is much2 cheaper than staying at hotel. My supervisor have planned everyhting so well siap ada tutor is an email from her..

Dear Hanis, Nice to meet you. I'm Ayaka MORI, your tutor. I'm a fourth-year undergraduate student of tohoku university and now mainly studying phase-separation under professor Fukumura. I'll help you do the formalities in sendai. Since I'm grown up Sendai city where tohoku university is located, I think I can help you. This is your schedule in Sendai. If you have any question or problem, please let me know.
10/6 14:35 Narita Airport(Tokyo)
17:30 Sendai Airport(Miyagi) [meet Professor Fukumura (in front of a luggage claiming room) ] 18:30 Tohoku University International House [where you stay] 19:30 Shopping and Dinner [with Professor Fukumura and me] ~Shopping? hu mana de duit~
10/7 9:30 I'll pick you up at Tohoku University International House and take you to the University by car.
10:30 Orientation for Incoming International Students @ university 14:00-18:00 Formalities 1. Complete the Alien Registration @ ward office 2. Join the National Health Insurance @ ward office 3. Open a bank account 4. Apply for the re-entry visa 19:00 Welcome Party @ laboratory [we welcome you and your husband if you want] 20:30 I'll drive you to Tohoku University International House
10/8 11:00 Admission procedure @ university 14:00 Meeting with professor Fukumura @ laboratory
10/9 Free Day
10/10 18:30 Narita Airport(Tokyo)
And I have a question. Are there any food you do not eat? (pork,chicken,fish,egg,etc.) I'm looking forward to the e-mail from you and meeting you. If you need any help after arriving Japan, please call me. I wish you a safe trip.

I feel so overwhelmed. So kind of them. I hope my PhD goes smoothly. Citer pasal wat visa lak... Hu dugaan lagi..but on the bright side...the embassy does not require any payment and medical checkup. Every application is free. Since i have Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from Tohoku Univ. so the process is very simple. Tapi my love laks problem. According to the staff at Mathematics dept. there, by using the offer letter is sufficient to apply the visa. But no no no..he still need to have COE... so nak tak nak he has to apply visa apa lg..kelam kabut balik to my sister's house.. email UMT n email Tohoku..coz the embassy need support document for visitors visa. Alhamdulillah the feedback is fast from both side and the document has been forwarded to the embassy. We went to the embassy last Wednesday 17th Sept 2008 and obtained our visa on Friday 19th. Yeay... syukur2...

Masa tu happy la bila dah sampai embassy nak g jenjalan KLCC (the embassy is near to KLCC) pom takder mood. But we were relieved, the problem was settled..klu tak penat woo nak ulang alik KL.. huk huk... Well i guess that's all for now... Jya ne.


eilawaniey said...

bagusla..sume dh arrange..bagusla diorg..senang keje..siap prepare schedule sume..gud2..nway, gudluck!

sabiqahAnuar said...

hanis-san, baik nya derang sume..hehee...sooo detail ur schedule, emm mmg ciri2 Jepuns..


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