Wednesday, September 24, 2008

::Mini Farewell:: i feel even more sad. Lots of my students came to see me. Yesterday i got the biggest Hari Raya card ever...I havent started packing...still have lots of papers to mark..and so on. This morning Sook Yee and the gang came to see me. Yesterday they gave me the huge card and today is the photo session hehe.. here are some memories that i will treasure forever.

From left: Yong Fatt, Mei Jin, Mitchell, Ms rabbit??, Sook Yee, Amelia and Siew Lin.

I feel so appreciated by them. I never thought that they will feel sad when i'm gone for my phd study. Well i hope they will keep in touch with me. Thanks guys..u have brighten up my day. Good luck and best wishes in your future undertakings and remember me always!!


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