Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Memories in U.S

Kak Khairul, Miss V, Me, Kak Dhi and Kak Zu

U.S a.k.a Ulu Sepri Negeri Sembilan. My love and i went there to attend our National Training Programme a.k.a BTN(Biro Tata Negara). 5 days 4 nights course started on 16th October until 20th October 2008. The shcedule was very packed and all our hp were taken during registration and we got it back on closing ceremony. I brought a camera along but i was afraid to take photos.. nanti kantoi..mati the photos taken were limited. At least there were some memories there. The other candidates from UMT were Ayuk, Kak Dhi, Hafiz, Rudy and Oon Jew. But we were not in one group..of coz ma..mesti campur2 dong..he..
Four of, me, ayuk and kak dhi are among those who registred late so all of us dapat blok paling ujung..huu dorm is 1B. Lots of activites, the lectures were boring (salu tersengguk2 tanda setuju..he.), luckily my LDK was ok coz i have such a cool faci. So it went quite smoothly. I am so glad coz I have no idea at all about the current politics in my own country. Riadah..ada pastu duck dance..cute love it a lot..lari 2km penat gilerss..pastu ada physiology test..the last one was kembara..kena pacat huu kat kaki..but it was a good experience. The last time masuk hutan was 1998..i went to stong...that one lagi la mencabar. after i came back from stong i told myself that it will be the first and the last..but i do miss those bila ada kembara apa lagi..i dont want to miss the chance. Alice was right BTN mmg best minus the ceramah and LDK hehe..
Group 7...

with Kak Seri

with my love

yey..jum balik


sabiqahAnuar said...

hehe rugi akka tak lei kenal ngn enche lizard...
kiut ooooooo

alice in wonderland said...

huhuhu... xdpt krm salam kat gaecko. sronok kan BTN? mule2 tu mmg rs nak cpt balik tp bile nak balik tu sedey la pulak. tp i jerit kat pak guard dpn tu ms dlm kete nak balik.. "GOOD BYE ULU SEPRI". hehehe..


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