Thursday, October 23, 2008

MiNi FaREweLL..2

Yesterday...(intro ala2 lagu kump Beatles), my students Fasya(my mentee), Akmarina, Ayu and Maslinda came to see me to wish farewell. How sweet of them..suki desu ne. I wish i could do a very proper farewell..but with the limited time, tonnes of work, and not to forget money crisis haha seems like i cant make one.

cutenyer cartoon tu

Once again i fell like i'm being appreciated by my students. Keep in touch guys..good luck in your final exam k.


sabiqahAnuar said...

hehe u kan lecturer kesayangan...

Hanis MY said...

yg tak tahan tu..sempat lagi derang tulis hanis and term kat cartoon tu.. he cute jer..ada jek idea derang.


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