Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An evening at Sanjo Machi

where is that place..hmm..kawasan rumah kami jer..hehe..2 months plus here but we never look around at our surrounding. Not really an evening actually we just went for a 30 mins walk maybe.. its sunday and instead of studying both of us bermalas-malasan and my love suggested that we go out for a walk to look around for any potential house to rent later in October since we can only stay at kaikan until September. There's another international house about 5-7 mins walking distance. It is more expensive than our kaikan but still cheaper than normal house. To get in there we must apply 4 months in advance and interview. Huhu sounds difficult. The road in this area is very small..memang tabik spring kat bus driver coz boleh bawa bas dgn jayanya di lorong yang chumel ini..he..nothing interesting just houses and graveyard..but there's one signboard which makes us wonder..what kind of translation is love took the picture of it..i think it is a very direct translation from katakana form..katakana is for words not originated from are a few examples..
supekkuturo means spectro
imejinggu means imaging
burakku means black

kewl signboard

the labels try to say its an accident area..but in katakana they say it akoshiden so i guess they spell it out from katakana..hehe..funny huh..and cute too..we just took several pictures coz i'm so cold since i didnt wear my down and i want to go home quickly...

my love..tgh tgk iklan kete or stuff yang berpatutan yang berpotensi untuk dibeli

one of the road in Sanjo Machi

somewhere around kaikan

rumah2 yang padat tiang letrik pun atas main road instead of tepi jalan


sabiqahAnuar said...

ooo, camtu ehs katakana, emm lawak aa bunyi translate camtu "supekkuturo" - cam nama atromen taro laks, hehe...
huhuhu nk beli kete ke? waaa besh besh...

alice in wonderland said...

jgn caye cik sabiqoh ngarut tu.. susahnye nak sewa umah,siap kene intvw..huhu.. Sabar je la.. u, dah xde snow ke kat sane? Cantik je jln.

sabiqahAnuar said...

HanisSan, pertanyaan PUAN alice tu berbaur jeles nampaknya- hehe dia jeles sb kat tempat dia berperang ngn heavy-snow n blizzard..

Hanis MY said...

hah yer ker..heavy snow n blizzard??.. wuu tak besh2..


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