Monday, February 2, 2009

Ichigo Gari...


Last saturday...we went to "ichigo gari" a.k.a strawberry picking..he..kat cameron pun ada tapi kami tak pernah agak kejakunan when we arrive at that place. We are so lucky that abg faizul and kak su invited us..kalau tak,.. tak merasa la agaknya...maybe makan strawberry kat supa (supermarket) je..that morning we thought is was normal rain, but when we went out it's mizore(rain plus snow). As usual we will meet abg faizul, kak su and their children (husna + kashif) at Aoba dori. Janji pukul we took 9.30 bus..usually it takes around 20 mins to arrive there but since its mizore so jalan pun jam and we arrived there 10.15 gosh..cepat2 jalan pergi kat kete abg faizul..small pun ikut sama..i forgot his real name everybody calls him small so we also call him with that's an hour drive..from sendai city. Tempat tu terpencil la jugak..masuk lorong berliku2..abg faizul tak pernah try this place. His previous trip to ichigo gari, kat dalam tu panas so we dont have to wear any jacket or down, so i take off my down jacket, but my love malas..well he's lucky it turned out that inside there is not warm but cold..but not as cold as outside..they gave us a small plastic container with one side contains milk...and the other side a space to put our ichigo. My gosh, the ichigo were so ooki (big) and so sweet. i remembered eating ichigo back in Malaysia..erm..masam and after that dah tak berminat makan ichigo..tapi kali ni my love and i..makan..and makan..and dun even care of snapping some juicy...oishii (best/delicious).

posing sket

model strawberry..he..

love with small


Sadly the ticket is for san jyuppun (30 mins) tapi masa tu pun all of us already full. My love have to go to campus so abg faizul drop us there..on our way back there's no more mizore but snow yang sangat lebat..blizzard jalan raya pun penuh snow..speed pun kena slow down, when we arrived campus..step down from abg faizul's car..tenggelam separuh kasut dlm snow tu..its quite surprising this is the heaviest snow so far..

campus at noon

snow still turun..masa ni nak g tunggu bas around 6.30 pm

The next day we went out to Majumder (halal shop) to buy some meat and chicken..bekal bento for 1 or 2 jalan2 menikmati pemandangan snow..seronok tgk group of boys main their own style of skiing guna badan jer..guling kat cerun bukit hehe..we ask them to take our picture and love snap a picture of me with them.




IZANJAY said...

Sangat menggiurkannya strawberry tu!!Fresh lagi!!kalau la lepas tu bley buat strawberry bersalut cokelet..fuyoo...

sabiqahAnuar said...

emmm cedapnye nampak...hehehee


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