Saturday, March 14, 2009

For Edmonton!

Today is March 14, 2009 (in Sendai). What is so special about this day? Not all people know why..only the chosen one may know i suppose so..hehe..Happy birthday to dearest Cik Sabiqah...di Edmonton. I dont know what she's doing right now...I guess by the time i write this post,it is maybe around 11.++ pm..and it is still March 13 at her place...maybe she's sleeping..or doing her lab work or outing with her friends or maybe waiting for a surprise from her family..housemates..or maybe someone special? What ever she's doing right now, i just hope she's enjoying her day of being one year older..hehe..may success be with u alwiz and may u find your prince charming soon..


sabiqahAnuar said...

dear Hanis,
huu thanks for this special entry, sob sob terharuuuu....
erms today is mac 14, saturday, and i'm in the lab, can u imagine it?? heehehe what a "nice" way to spend my bday, heheehooooo


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