Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday LOVE...

Today is my love's birthday..he's 27...kami dah sebaya..yey..but just for a few months until July. Well age is just a number rite?..Sejak zaman bercinta lagi selalu imagine nak surprise my love on he's birthday or other occasion...last month i thought of baking cake on his birthday..but we dont have oven, i am not really good at cooking esp..kari, kurma, masak lemak cili api, kuzi..dan yang sewaktu dengannya erm.. i did keep on trying to improve my cooking...hehe..but i love baking cake, biscuits..etc..biasa klu time raya perkara wajib at my house is chocolate cake and it is my annual chores..macam telah tertulis..termaktub..that i have to bake at least one chocolate cake..ala tapi chocolate cake kampung jer tak grand and sesedap kedai but at least my love and family enjoy eating the cake.
Last valentine, Mori-san and Ishida-san made something..there are only 3 females in the lab.. Mori-san baked a chocolate cake which looks really nice and taste really good (mcm kat kedai) and Ishida-san made sort of brownies and also delicious..which makes me..the only female who didn't do anything hehe..mana nak tahu valentine kena masak2 macam tu..but i dont think i will cook for next year's valentine..busy with experiment (alasan je tu..).. erm..malas la nanti confirm tak sedap..
Whomever familiar with desperate housewives...can imagined what i'm writing...i would describe Mori-san as Bree (played by Marcia Cross)..she's such a perfectionist..pantang nampak senget sikit susunan..or sliding tutup tak rapat..rambut kena sentiasa kemas..baju tak boleh terlipat sikit...she's just like Bree...So when i look at her cake..tiba2 terlintas nak buat that cake for my i asked her about the recipe..she said she will give me and even borrowed me her scale and mixer..berbunga-bunga la hati ini..coz this is the first time nak try recipe cam ala2 kedai kek gitu..recipe orang puntihs..bley tak panggil gitu..TETAPI..huu tak kesampaian..maybe it's sort of family recipe so confidential la kuts..and Mori-san cari dalam internet sebagai will see the outcome's very terrible..huu..and then last Friday keluarlah kami berdua untuk mencari bahan and also alat2 untuk buat cake coz satu benda poms i tak ada...tak boleh nak buat surprise pun..takkan nak tipu my love konon nak beli benda lain..of course he will see all the things i buy. So he knows that i'm making cake on his birthday..
We went to 100yen shop..(as usual pergi kedai paling murah nak cari barang..hehe) and then to Daiei to buy the ingredients..on the way to Daiei..Mori-san ajak i masuk kedai game ni..ala..yang masuk coin and try to grab what you want tu..ada yang paling murah, put in 100 yen and try to grab the chocs as many as u can..banyak kali Mori-san try unfortunately she only got one.... but Mori-san really want me to first tak nak but she seems really hoping so i i expected..tak dapat langsung..tapi takperla..and suddenly i saw this machine yang ambil gambar buat sticker..erm..dah lama tak masuk dlm kotak ni and ambil gambar..last time masa zaman muda-mudi dulu ketika di UTM Skudai with my coursemate..tapi this one is really big and lots of function..skali i plak beria2 ajak Mori-san untuk ambil gambr dalam tu..coz i know kalau ajak my love..mesti dia tak nak hehe..Mori-san was quite surprise tapi dia plak tetiba beria-ria she choose one machine and tengok cermin and started to betul2kan her hair, baju..etc..semua aksi Mori-san ala2 sopan santun gitu (just like Bree) and me...semua ala2 ceria..funky..etc..check out the photos..kelakar.. Mori-san did all the editing with names..cartoons..hairbands..etc.. After that at Daiei..i saw the same chocs that Mori-san tried to grab at the machine.. 100yen for 10-12 pieces..apa lagi terus ambil..i paid 100yen and got nothing at that game parlor? betul ker parlor "suka suki je (style Ila)"...


chocs..yang Mori-san tried to grab..oishii and cute patut la dia suka sangat

Ok..move on to birthday love..start buat cake yesterday evening..kalau ikut recipe kena start cooking on saturday since i have to leave the cake for one night takper la hantam saja hehe..tapi terdelay coz pagi tu baru beli oven (yey akhirnya dapat jugak beli microwave oven) and then masuk campus jap balik rumah pasang oven baru..and then i started to make the cake...i wish to myself..hopefully everything will goes well..i want to make it a memorable one..first part is done..tapi macam 'kureng' je..tapi takpelah asalkan nampak rupa kek hehe..kena stop jap coz we planned to visit April..our indonesian friend..we want to see her house..since she will move out, and we have to move from kaikan too so we need to find a nice and cheap house. Lama jugak di ruma April, her house is old fashioned but just nice and reasonable..we are considering but she will move out in May and we have to move out from kaikan by September..hmm..kalau keluar awal rugi..coz kaikan is very cheap..tapi kalau tak start sewa awal nanti tak dapat cari rumah..huu we are confused..apa pun we must try to nego with the owner and we really need to bring a translater.
Arrived home around 9 pm..cook dinner..since we have oven, so we tried roast beef, resipi Kak Dhi di Valladolid..simple and easy renjis2 jer rempah pastu masuk oven..and it is oishii..thanks Kak Dhi...pastu sambung buat cake love tengah khusyuk tgk movie at Channel BS2 so i finished up my job and decorate it and put it inside the oven..sorok from the time i finished, it is about 11.15 pm..hmm tired and sleepy..i force my self to wait until 12 tv and borak2 dengan love..and tepat jam 12 i wished him Happy Birthday and setup the cake..boh of us dah ngantuk..tapi sempat lagi untuk posing. Hadiah dah beli via internet tapi tak sampai2 lagi huhu..belated birthday present la nampak gayanya..sabar eh love...Alhamdulillah love cakap sedap..tapi i rasa macam erm..entahla he....previous recipe is better huhu..ada masa nanti nak try buat lagi..maybe cheese cake..or recipe Kak Su ke..(Kak Su ia very marvellous in cooking-all type of foods) tabik spring..sponge cake, pizza, roti..huu berangan..entah bila la boleh buat ni..kena berguru dengan Kak Su dulu..hehe.. takperla bak kata Alice in step at a time..

Happy 27th Birthday My Love

sempat posing walaupun da ngantuk..

I'll update with love's present soon..tatau bila..and we also joined Akmal and Ab last Friday tapi belum sempat update..i'll find a time sooner or later..hehe..ok till then..last but not least, Selamat menyambut ulang tahun ke-27, semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, diberi kekuatan dan kesihatan, dipermudahkan segalanya...TOTTEMO AISHITERU LOVE...

excited...ada bakat untuk jadi model jam.. ;-)

(11th March 2009)
Love's present arrived safely yesterday (10.03.09), came back from campus..both of us are so eager to check the mail box..while walking i was really hoping that it has arrived and it seems i'm the one who is over excited about it instead of love..hehe..tapi dia pun seronok jugak coz lama betul belek2 present tu even masa makan,..duk tilik lagi hehe..several months ago when we just arrived here love's swatch rosak (love has 2 watches, 1-swatch, 1-hantaran), yang swatch ni untuk harian and hantaran for outing or formal wear. Seems that jam hantaran tu a bit loose and it's not very comfortable for him to wear it daily so it just came to my mind to find him another watch and he seems to be a fan of swatch so i bought another swatch for him. At first nak cari sekitar Sendai..but before that i tried to browse through the model/collection at the internet and coincidentally i found one, when i look at it my instinct says that love will definitely love this one..harga pun reasonable and it is purely Swiss made, and as i expected he did..he really3 likes it...fuhh lega..hari ni ada orang tu bergaya dengan jam baru..hehe..


eilawaniey said... cni sket!

Hanis MY said...

bley2..tgu bday u eh..hehe

IZANJAY said...

Kem Salam Mimi!Wish belated birthday untuk dier!


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