Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where dreams come true..

our train..7.47 am

Thank you abah and mama! No words to describe how happy and thankful i am. Abah and mama wanted to experience love and i find a free time, of course it would be during weekend. Sometime weekend pun kena masuk lab but both of us informed our sensei about this trip..cari package n kira2 duit ni nak buat belanjawan, but we are glad this trip is on Abah's treat, alhamdulillah itulah rezeki namanya he... maybe i should assume its a honeymoon present from abah for our first anniversary. What a hectic weekend we have had. Going to this place is also one of my dream since little girl. Hehe..banyak sungguh my dream ni first, it is very hard to decide since there are Disneyland and DisneySea..really wanna go both but we dont have much time and it cost mone we really need to choose a really worthdy one. Coincidentally there are Spring Canival Show and also BraviSeamo (apo ko bondo a ni). So we choose Disneysea. Kalau ada rezeki next time Disneyland plak..ka love kan. My love tak pernah ada perasaan nak pergi tempat2 maca ni..and i am glad he did enjoy himself there. My love is a person who are not used with disney cartoons..he just know mickey and minnie..and the rest..he doenst know..huhu while his wife is totally opposite..from cindarella, little mermaid to monster inc..almost every single disney cartoon i knew and love every bit of it..ada la sket tak suka..but really2 few of it..we took this package 2 days 1 night and it is really worth it. But 1 day is surely not enough and we didn't have time to explore all area of the park. Maybe we went to only half of it. But it's ok..we are satisfied.

The package is via shinkansen a.k.a bullet train. Depart at 7.47 am. Our train is Max Yamabiko 104. But this one is not direct shinkansen coz it stops at 2 stations. We didnt know which one is the fastest..main pilih jer..janji departure time sesuai..not too early and not too late. Arrived at Tokyo station around 9.45 am. Headed to Keio Line which is a local train to reach DisneyLand or DisneySea. The place is called Maihama but our hotel was at Shinuyarasu..tak mampu nak stay near to Disney park..too expensive..but the hotel we stayed was really comfortable. Hotels which are near to disney park are called Disney Ambassador, while other hotels which are a bit far (including our hotel) are called Disney partner..yang jauh lagi..dah tak ada nama dah..he..we stayed at Urayasu Brighton Hotel. Our package is excluding meal, so mamam made nasi lemak and sandwiches..yummy!..during our ride to the hotel we met a japanese family with their 2 daughters.. the father greet abah and said "Muslim?" (while his finger pointing at the head-coz mama and i are wearing tudung) and all of us nodded. He can speak english fluently, dia banyak borak2 with abah and when we arrived at the station their kids waved at us. Hmm..people in Tokyo is much more open compared to sendai..i guess they are used to tourist and so on, that's why they are not afraid and look at us oddly like people in sendai. Keluar jer from train..we looked at the opposite road..what? our hotel was so near..just cross the bridge. We didnt expect it to be that near and of course we were really glad. Takyah jalan jauh2..went to check in, but the time that we can enter the room is at 3 pm. We leave our bags to the bell boy and headed to the free shuttle bus provided. At that time sempat lagi untuk bertukar fikiran coz our ticket can enter either one park and, we were still confuse either DisneyLand or DisneySea. Hmm fikir punya fkir..DisneySea here we come...
inside Max Yamabiko, duduk first floor huhu tak dapt tgk view..sama paras dengan lantai station, seat atas penuh..
arrive at Shinurayasu, hotel depan jalan je..i like..
in front of our hotel while waiting for shuttle bus
after check in, arrived at DisneySea and with the bus driver, nice costume
entrance...big globe..Aqua Sphere..sempat amek gambar dgn squirrel ke chipmunk tu..hehe i forgot Minnie and the rest full house kena beratur panjang huhu next time la kalau ada rezeki
entering the park..Mediterranean Harbor, really nice..suddenly feels like somewhere outside Japan..hehe
pre-parade, they announced that the parade might be cancelled if raining..huhu..masa tu da sedey..but move on to ride transit steamer line
pictures while on steamer line, stranded plane..he..tower of terror, american waterfront, help! empangan nak pecah..berlakun jap..and that bridge.tatau nama apa..
arrived at lost river delta, trying to take picture with fairy tapi too many people huu last2 posing dekat board tu jer..and mimicking gaya fairy tu..tangga tinggi tu indiana jones
still at lost river delta..waiting to ride indiana jones tapi tak jadi lama sangat for next trip
pergi port discovery..ride aquatopia..pening2..pusing2 laju2 non stop huhu..
next is..mysterious island, went to 20,000 leagues under the sea and journey to the center of the earth..20000 leagues tu pening jugak..the other one..tersangat extreme rasa seperti dicampak from helicopter fuhh scaryyyy...
back to Mediterranean harbor via electric railway, sempat snap at American waterfront, and suddenly we heard a loud music and people are clapping their hands, gosh! carnival dah start cepat2 we just look from far and enjoy the music
some pictures yg my love sempat was total fun, really a lifetime experience tapi tak dapat nak capture lots of other nice performance during the spring carnival
penat yang amat, headed back to hotel to rest n eat..yg tu bas hotel mahal our bus biasa2 jer but stil cute..
our marvelous room..package tu book bilik biasa2 jer..but when we checked in ada larger rooms which are available and they gave the same rate..wahh syukur..rezeki..
second entrance, tak sempat naik gondola..huu they were closed coz braviSEAmo will start in hour, kalau tak leh merasa cm di paris/spain itew..huu..
American waterfront at night, mermaid lagoon..sempat jenguk jer tak sempat main pun huu, sib baik sempat naik indiana jones..the best one among others that we took siang tadi.

we went back to the hotel dalam kepenatan and kelaparan nasib baik ada n pasta that we can eat..Arabian Coast langsung tak sempat jenguk..huu..pastu banyak lagi attraction yang tak sempat main..but we are done for that day..since braviseamo at night time ditambah dengan orang ramai dan kamera mahal kami..amek gambar pun sangat jelas hehe but we manage to snap fireworks..siap ada fireworks keluar thru gunung berapi tu..we had so much fun and we enjoyed this trip very much..


checkout at 12 noon..wearing new shirts..omiyage from DisneySea..terus pakai the next day (checkout day) wanted to jalan2 at tokyo city..with the limited time we just went to Ikebukuro and manage to go only one This time love bought me present, anniversary present, i love it..tq love...but the rain falls heavily and we went back to Tokyo station and waited for our shinkansen...

after checkout..
last picture of the day in front of shinkansen


Nurul Hayati Idris said...

aler....gmbr2 tu sume,sungguh menjeleskan hati & perasaan...uuuu... akak tringin nk p jgk....

Anonymous said...

best nye!!!
jeles.. huh!
hehe.. cm nk terbang g sane n nk u bwk jln2 je... =p

farhanini said...

Disneysea? the way akak..cute shirt.sepasang gitew..

Hanis MY said...

akak..meh ler jenjalan sini..

nisa..u should take a break, takper msc da nak bes kan..pastu bercuti kat sini k..

nini..yer..nanti kiter g disneyland plak eh..hehe i like too..

nina said...

bestnyer..jeles ni..

Hanis MY said...

haluu nina..wah dah berblog..welcome to the club nanti bg add k..mai la jln sini..dialu-alukan..

p/s: nak tgk gambar Hani

anies said...

malas comment bout ur trip (jeles bangat sebenarnye).. tp nak cakap...suka ur green dress tuh! hehe

Hanis MY said...

aniesss dear!!..tq2 i love it too..

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

ne-chan!! u really make me crazee lah! jeles! jeles!!

suke tengok u n hubby happee n romantix slalu..

semoga berbahagia selalu tau!!happy 4 ya!

Hanis MY said...

ala jgn la jeles..i lg jeles nanti u leh g jenjalan paris, spain, etc..hehe ala u pown apa krgnya romantika gak..thanks dear, me too really hope for that..and u too smoga berbahagia forever n ever gaks k..

sabiqahAnuar said...

huuu sowi Hanis, lama xbuka blog..ermmm beshnyeee Dsney

ps. erm ni laa klu i buko blog msti i jeles. hehehe

Mazwin.. said...

hanis,camner buat gambar2 kecik2 tu jadi single picture?masuk website maner2 ker?

happyichigo♥ said...

eii bestnyer jejalan bersama parents...found ur blog from kanak2 osaka! next month dira akan ke japan, dan sgt tak sabar nak ke to read ur entry..!!!

DiEtLaSaNgAt said...


Hai Hana. Saya bercadang bercuti ke Jepun. Osaka famous dgn Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki. Boleh tak nak tahu mana boleh cari org jepun buat dan halal?


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