Wednesday, September 9, 2009


totemo aishiteruyo

Nice date..i am sure many will tie knot on this day similar to previous year..070707, 080808, i remember one important date on 080808, my nephew were born..wahh 888 manyak ong..hehe. I did imagined to get married on 070707..angan2 jer tu..and the next year 080808 is too late for us to get married lots of stuff need to be settled especially about our studies as well as our soo packed schedule. Nothing special on this particular day..just wanted to post something and have a memory of this wonderful date.

Today i didn't run STM since Ishida-san is using it. So i just prepared tips from morning till noon. Received a good colleage is getting married..tahniah yer..semoga bahagia ke anak cucu.. well the big day is not today buat after raya so, i wish in advance. Long lost friend, Yabi..ym me..dah kawin rupanya..congrats..we were classmates masa form 4 and after that dia masuk kelas no 1 and since that day we just smile when we bump each other and no more hang out. Kononnya saya ni nak study tapi baru baper muka surat..duk berym jap and just wanted to continue..mori-san called me..i need to fill in a form to be submitted at kagaku jimu.. terbantut lagi..nak gambar plak...nasib baik belum amek gambar at seikyo since there's few more pictures left with my berjalan la ke bangunan maths nun..afteer that finish up the form and handed in and now end up posting at my blog..bila nak sambung study? jap2..give me few more minutes to finish this hehe..

Had several chats with umt friends..dapat another recipe from syara dearie..thanks a lot dear..u go girl..i likee...tinggal lagi few hours nak berbuka..i think it's time for me to continue study. At least i leave short post on this 999 day..


Madam Robert said...

i kawen 080808~!! hehee.. and your nephew has a same birthdate with me!! hahahh.. nak mention gak tu! =p

Hanis MY said...

waaaa..dah lama wanted to ask about ur wedding date tapi tak tertanya.. if i got married 888 we'll share the same wed anniv hehe..from now ingt bday my nephew automatically ingt ur wedding anniv..btw happy belated 1st year anniversary..many happy returns.

Madam Robert said...

hehee.. thanks~ it's a birthday and wedded combo. senang. klo husband lupe jugak tarikh tu, mmg cari nahas le. =p

Hanis MY said...

combo rupanya..i tot ur wed only, in that goes another wish.. Happy belated birthday!! semuanya belated..will try no to be belated next year..he..

eiyda said...

Salam ziarah Hanis..
Dah lama tinggal kt Jepun? mesti da pandai cakap Jepun ni..seronoknyer dok sana..salam kenal dr k.eiyda..:)

manlaksam said...

090909.......duit dalam poket pun dah tinggal RM 9. Hehehehe.
Selamat berpuasa!


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