Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kuru-kuru, kupu-kupu, kura-kura? (10.01.10)

What's with that title today? Fuhh..penat study peta.. (oh my, bukan nk study raman ke, flu ke etc.. tapi dah study for awhile tadi huu.. lepas tu "ralit" with the map). Susah sangat nak faham. I was looking at the other road while love was aiming another road.. my love is at his building so we discuss it over YM which makes it.. yes.. complicated.. peta ke mana ye? of course la peta untuk pergi dating with my love.. i likeee dating (oohh sungguh mengada hehe).

Nak dating ke mana? Ishh adela.. surprise! setelah memjuk rayu, melutut akhirnya my love setuju, haha.. tipu je.. tapi siap buat kertas kerja (tanpa presentation) to convince him, hehe takde la sampai buat kertas kerja but i did propose this idea and i am so glad he agrees. Just a simple place yet having some lovely time with my love is sooo precious to me. I did agree with VC (when we met at Kagoshima last time) he said don't study extra hard, yer give some time to spend time together, you are newly married, sometime if the pressure from lab/study hit us without us noticing it, for sure we will end up letting it out to our loved one, sometimes we didn't even realize that we hurt a feeling due the tension/stress. He told us at least spend some time once a week.., and after that go give all out at lab... tomorrow is a public holiday and i decided not to come to lab (but we did came on Sat and Today, to cover up tomorrow's day even though it's a public holiday, rasa bersalah pada lab terchenta :P). His words makes me realize and it does make sense.

Hmm.. back to the topic, what is kuru-kuru? I simply add up the above rhythm.. because it seems like similar sound. And kononnya nak buat post yang different. I saw this advertisement at TV about recycle shop. We've never been to this shop but we've been at other recycle shop. The song is quite catchy and i kept singing it.. "kuru-kuru recycle mandai" and some more of the lyrics which i forgot but sometime out of blue i will sing it inside car, while cooking and so on until last Friday's japanese class, i knew the meaning of kuru... i am so happy... (should i be happy about this? err... sungguh over acting) Japanese language have several forms of languages... i am so sorry i do have to go now..will continue this soon... :)


NARDtheNERD said...

i love detink too~


happyichigo♥ said...

kuru kuru ape? make sure next entry beritahu..comelnye siap nyanyi2 di kitchen and in the car..kat japan, banyak tempat nak explore kat hanis...kat setiap sudut pastinye menarik hati! take care hanis and hv fun with ur hubby dating2 tu! hihi


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