Sunday, August 24, 2008

Akikah, Doa Selamat and Kekkon (C. Imran+Intan),

Muhammad Faez

08-08-08 (8.30 pm) my sister in law gave birth to her second son, Muhammad Faez. He is totally different from his brother, Muhammad Seth. He is so sweet n "berjurus". hehe...Balik kg last wiken celebrate 3 is akikah (ngekkoh=kelantanese), doa selamat Miss Sa and another one is menyambut menantu, Che Imran and his partner Intan Mas Ayu. Program full from friday to saturday. Bertolak from my house around 11.30 am. We arrived there nearly 1 pm. The men have to go for Jumaat prayers...The ceremony went smoothly...baca selawat and cukur jambul. Makan2, amek gambar pastu we headed to Sa's house.

ninin, mama holding faez, aqil, umar

Wow wi...cantik sgt rumah Sa, but i forgot to take some pictures outside the house...Syara n Sarah pun ada. They'll be sleeping there coz Sarah has a wedding invitation the next day. We were there for just a while..coz we're headed back to my mother in law's house. Lagipun malu..ramai org, just dropping by to wish farewell and good luck for her future undertakings.
We arrive at Mulong and that night makan2 plak at his brother's house...maknanya non stop makan2 sampai malam...fuh so exhasuted. Balik trus tido tak sedar diri until morning.

The next day after Zuhur we headed to our final invitation, Che Imran's House at Kampung Laut. Susah jugak nak cari coz my love ingat2 lupa his house but we saw a landmark which suddenly trigger his memory haha...we arrive there when Che's getting ready..pakai makeup and lip!! tema hijau...tak lama lepas makan pengantin perempuan sampai. We took pictures and headed home to pack our stuff. So2 tired..sakit kepala seme ada...
Today..I'm not in a full mood to write in all the details coz dalam kepala MQF tak siap2 lagi..hehe till then..."jya ne".

Che Imran + Intan


sabiqahAnuar said...

huhu finally, dapat gak i tgk blog ape sessi mempromo umah org ni, hehehe...k laa send mg regards to all of 'em, with lots n luv..~Saaa_


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