Thursday, September 4, 2008

Those were the days...

the trademark of this beach-"Big Rock"

Sonok..bila teringat zaman bujang2 dulu's not that i didn't like married life, but of course we have lots of memories during "bachelorette" time..and lots of events to come later on... this is one of my sweetest time with my ex-housemates, Kak Fiza and Ikin. Both of them are happily married now. We went to Kuala Abang. The most beautiful beach I have ever seen so far...I had a fight with my love on that day. So tense up and suddenly the big rock at the beach appeared in front of me and it kept on playing in my mind. I was in the office at that time and i rang kak Fiza telling her the stupid idea. Luckily both of them agreed. We started our journey after asar prayer and drop by at pantai kelulut to buy sotong and udang goreng tepung (tempura versi Malaysia). yummy..best2.
Masa "dolu2" pernah la plan nak pergi pulau..but everybody are busy with kuala abang poms jadik ler... As far as i remember, the beach is situated at a very sharp corner of the road. So each time we saw a corner ahead of us...we will shout.. "Ha..kat depan tu..nak sampai dah"..but then we end up frustrated coz it's a false alarm. Byk la plak selekoh kat jalan ni.. finally our search is over. About 1 hour journey we arrive at the beach. Yey..the first thing i did was jump in joy. At last aku dapat berpijak di pantai ni..seblum2 ni just tgk dari dlm kete

with Kak fiza

with Ikin a.k.a Cik Comel (cc)

Posing2 dulu baru makan...the view was awesome...marvellous...after that we took some pictures again n lough a lot..teasing each was so fun...i missed that time. I forgot all about the argument thing..and it really makes me feel better..biasa la gaduh zaman2 bercinta ni hehe...that's what friends are for...they will be with you thru good and bad times...


sabiqahAnuar said...

hehoo akak, tringat zaman muda2 dlu eks...emmm xberubah nampaknya body u lepas tawen pon- still maintain..hhhh


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