Monday, August 18, 2008

Kekkon- H and T

This is definitely the day that i will never forget for the rest of my life...finally..saya telah sah menjadi isteri kepada A T (adakah automatic transmission? hehe) whom i loved with all my heart. I never believe what people said that when the "time" will pass so fast and so smooth. You just go with the flow...well i guess it's true...i am never ready for a marriage nor have a family and so on...i never thought that it happened so fast...i'm happy with my new life though it's still new and there's a lot to learn bout each other and i hope it will improve from time to time...

erm..dah bertambah responsibility...i must cope with it...tarikh keramat is on May 29 2008. hari akad nikah is the day before, May 28 2008. My reception is on Thursday..alhamdulillah ramai jugak yg dtg..even though hari keje...huda dearie and hubby, miss fara sferra, mas and donat, lovely Miss Sa and Che kammy, Pn CC and Pn Wahidun, kerol....Al-Amin and family, mr. dearest students...jah, marni, nas, raz, haz...and the most important person who was by my side during akad nikah "bestest" fren, Aishah KY mummy to Aish Rifaie' and Aishah Dayini...

Majlis bertandang plak one day after my reception which is on May 31 2008. Berdebar tu takyah cakap ler...jantung mcm nak tercabut..but alhamdulillah it went well...dengan sekali lafaz jer...i dah sah menjadi isteri mertua pun very nice...just blend with are some photos taken on the meaningful day....

with Puan Hu

Miss Sa and Pn Kammy

Aishah Dayini

holding Aish Rifaie

nyum2...sedap tak?

with Sha and family

Thanks a lot to our wedding photographer.."En Sham a.k.a Abe Aye"..hehe pomot sket dia nyer web... such a kind guy but so so "kerenats".

That's us with Abe Sye...manis orangnya..and still solo u... he..pomot lagi...and gambar2 kat bawah tu masa akd nikah, love the way he took the pictures..tapi make up hari tu tak jadi sangat but i'm happy coz its just natural..not too heavy, pandai Kak Nun it a lot. All make up was done by Kak Nun. Sib baik cam up to date and bukan cam opera cina...she's an expert.
Thanks for all the lovely wedding presents with "doa" and warm wishes from all of you. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart...


happyichigo♥ said...

sweetnye hanis..tahniah hanis..kire2 dah setahun sebulan hanis kahwin kan? dira pun dekat2 ngn hanis jugak..dira nye wedding 1jun2008..
semuge hanis dan hubby bhgia sentiase ye...! take care!

Ct Arina said...

oh myyyy kak anis sgt cantik in purple! rina sukeeee >_< well dah hampir 4 taun rupenye kak anis kawen kan.. igt baru je kawen.. still nampak new n suweet like new bride! ;D

nur easy said...

sweet... moga berbahagia selalu hingga akhirnya ;)

kayrul-shah said...

cantiknya baju purple tue...baru sekarang dapat tengok foto kahwin hanis...tarikh keramat tue sama tarikh ngan birthday Tuan Tanah kita la...hehehhe

Cik Sara said..., salah masuk channel.. So, memorable moment you have.. Lama tak dengar citer sis! (^____^).. Bergumbiralah selalu...=)

CikUna said...

weeee.. baru jumpa entry nie.. suke2.. iLOIKE... semoga berkekalan hingga ke syurga.. doakan Una jue.. wuuu

\\( ^_^ )//


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