Monday, February 9, 2009


I received an email from Kak Ja saying that Abah wrote a poem for me..i was like..what??... r u kidding me..seriously??!! but at that time Kak Ja didn't have time to write it so i waited and waited and finally last week my niece Ninin (Kak Ja's daughter) wrote it and mail it to me. I feel my eyes filled with tears while reading it but i manage to i miss my family.. only Allah knows..the pressure and the pain here..the urge of wanting the best understand it and to apply it and so on..i really wanted to write in this blog staightaway but my experiment is holding it today..i have decided that i will write it first before i start any experiment. As the saying of no pain no gain..i think to pursue our dream of gaining this love and i really need to undergo a lot of there are only two things that we have to hold tight right now: Allah's blessing and also doa and prayes(love, me..and our family). There is always hope and success for those who never give up and keep on trying and i always pray for that...and here's the poem to share...


'I have a dream' said Martin Luther King Jr
A better life for the poor and oppressed niggers in the land of plenty
Alas! He was shot and killed tragically
But his hopes and dream lived on
To inspired many in totality

Barack H. Obama the president-elect
A manifestation and realization of King's dream
A time for change, Obama's campaign theme
And droves came to support the theme, his team and dream

Everyone has a dream
You have yours too
To accomplish it is to strive, to work and not to yield
Not in a year or two
Just like a flowing stream
Moving on slowly and surely all the way through

With the blessings of the Al-mighty
In guiding your destiny
And you will make your dream a reality
As seen in human entity
Vis-a-vis space travel, was once a comic fantasy

Thus one day in three years time
You'll hear a Dr. before your name
A title earned and entitled to
By research, the name of the game
It's on your owns to honour
Duty and responsibility
With ethics of nobility and integrity
Giving meaning to what's in a name
Gained from the land of the rising sun
Where people walk but seem to run
Of values in samurai, kamikaze, harakuri, tendo and sushi
The lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The blooming flowers of sakura not daffodils

To pursue knowledge is a worthy cause to follow
From there on wisdom would flow
Allowing us the chance to grow and glow
With the beauty of knowledge unfold
As it embodies the fine tuning of mind, heart and soul
Enhancing creative thoughts
For a worthy tomorrow

-a noble dream/a dream of nobel
dated 20 Jan 2009
a date: not just a date
(Obama's inauguration day)

How i should feel blessed with my life, a loving husband and a loving family, thus don't ever regret nor feel sad as i always will have Allah's blessing together with their blessings. My love will have his presentation at 2pm today.. all the best and good luck.. gambarimashou love..


alice in wonderland said...

i pn sedey bace poem tu, kene tempias gak la coz kite same2 nak dpt kan title Dr kat dpn tu. anyway kak hanis, just keep moving k..

sabiqahAnuar said...

uuuu, so terharu baca this post..even it's not from my dad, i could feel it also hanisSan...

ps. nice layout...hehehe

Hanis MY said...

tq u..i like too..hehe last tues wat..padahal byk giler keje tension nyer pasal apa lagi blog la sasarannya hehe..
ala alice...takleh figure out la apo ko bondo tersirat black yellow mr bee tu..hehe

sabiqahAnuar said...

hehhee ye ke u tak lei figure out? balck yellow...hahaha ermm jgn layan sangat alice mengarut...

alice in wonderland said...

hahhaha.. xdpt figure out ke? Dalam maknanya tu. It's for bee.. Raye tahun lps Sa kene gigit tebuan. hahhaha..

Ye ke Sa? Jauh tebuan tu terbang smpai Alberta.


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