Monday, June 15, 2009

Poppies and Cherries

nice shot from love

It's been a hectic week..three presentation in a many thing to wanted like this, one wanted like that, physics dept suddenly send sample for me to run...hopefully can manage to finish it on time..well..where should i start? It's been so long yet it is not that long since i last updated. Here are some teed bits of update from me...

Last Week (7th June)

We went to see poppy..yup..i dont know which part to make those drugs..but the flowers seems nice and rains the day before we went and the soil is a bit soft..and step onto it would leave mud on your tak jalan banyak sangat just look a round for a while and it did took me a while to remove those dirt from my shoes..we went there with the Malaysian gangs..but we just stayed there for a while..since abah and mama feels a bit cold..igntkan nak naik boats at the lake, but maybe some other time and maybe that some other time will be just the two of us hu coz probably they already fly back to is the same park (Michinoku Park) where my love and i went to see tulip. This time we imagine that it would be other kinds of flowers..but sadly poppies were planted at the side of the park there's no flower at all at the, huu that what makes it less fun. I really want mama to see those beautiful flowers..takder rezeki, mama kena datang lagi next year are some shots..

poppies with mama
lunch and walk around the park..told flower at all huu..

Last Weekend (14th June)

Sakuranbo gari!!! yey..i like..we went cherry picking..erm..i'm not sure about the place but it's 20 km more to Yamagata. Cherry is called sakuranbo here..from sakura tree...before this i never liked it..on cakes..on biskut raya..tak besh huu..but last Saturday..eating it fresh from sure does so yummy...yummylicious..(syara i amek ayat u). Went quite early around 9 am. Paid about 1300 yen per person and we have for 1 hour to eat as much as we want. Looking around there are some of them put it in their bags..apa lagi my love and i tidak membuang masa and put it in my bag hehe..time nak masukkan inside my handbag we went blakang2 orchard and acting like searching for cherries hehe..went there with Abg Faizul n family, Pitt and Su. It was raining..lucky it was under the roof....
sakuranbo gari..somewhere near Tendo Machi..i guess so..
my love panjat tangga..those 2 cherries just like in cartoons or pictures that i have seen before now it's live in front of me, and also action kamen with Su
hehe..ada aksi suap menyuap..setelah disuruh oleh Pitt and Su..
can u see that small mr froggy? p/s: nisa dear..u like froggy? he..and in that plastic over there adalah sakuranbo yang berjaya diseludup hehe..

What an enjoyable weekend we had..its late now and i need to go home. Mama and abah are watiting for dinner..hope to spend more fun time before they go back to Malaysia...


A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

waa...lamanya ur parents stay kat sana..

Anonymous said...

sgt jeles.. =p
asyik jln je..
lau i g visit u, u bwk i jln2?
ble u cuti2?

enol said...

hye mdm hanis .. haha .. igt lagi tak enol.... tgk r blog sy ..
rindu r kat cik hanis .. (hahah.. cik lagi ...) ... :) ..

Hanis MY said...

Kira chan
my parents duk sini sampai 11 july jer..sob2..nak balik month

bleh2..i takder cuti2 la huu u bitau bila nk dtg and i try to fit with my schedule..cuti kena apply dong..kalau approve ade la cuti..

waa long time no see..tahu dr anis ker? anyway good luck in ur study, keep in touch k..

anies said...

if im not mistaken.. yg buat drugs tu, its taken from the poppy latex... jd heroin then mix2 sume jd morphine plak..*berguna gak blaja forensic chem* hehe..

miss,enol da makin buncit! every wik pon i jumpe dia cuti ni. haha

Hanis MY said...

anies..nice one dear, new knowledge for me tau..he..enol..bunchi..waaa maklumla happy kut..duk tganu tak cukup mamam salam kat dia eh..

Mazwin.. said...

hanis,letak shoutmix @ kotak borak2 macam blog saya tu..senang nak komen or chatting..OK?suggestion aja..

OpiYa OneL said...

Ley post sikit tak cherry tu kat saye.. huhuu... cam sgt sedap je..


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