Saturday, June 27, 2009

Naruko itta...

If i wasnt pushed by my sensei, i wouldnt know about the beauty of Naruko. I still remember looking at the seminar schedule, there is one slot without any student name. I rember Ishida-san asked me..are u going to Kawatabi Seminar? I was puzzled, what seminar is that? She said it is annually held between physical chem group..somewhere north of Sendai and it's the time where they will berendam in hot spring and "kampai"(beer toast)...i wasnt that shocked coz i knew it's their way of having fun after presented papers and posters and celebrate it with sake (japanese beer). I also asked Mori-san is it ok if i dont go. She said, it's not that important, maybe i can discuss and tell my sensei that i didnt want to go. She recommended that it is better not to go. I emailed my sensei and told him. He asked me during discussion.."tell me why you didn't want to go"...gulp, i swallowed..erm..tetiba nama Ishida-san came out from my mouth. I told him exactly what she said. And he replied...perhaps u ask the wrong person, try ask Mori-san, maybe she will say something different (dalam hati..erm...sama jer). I just nod and agreed with what he said. The second part why i didn't want to go was..the overnight stay at the seminar center is 10 persons per small cottage, which means i cant bring my mimi and my parents. Sharing rooms and bathrooms..nak solat lagi..erm..definitely a 3dr reason is my love will have seminar on that day. So that means i have to ride in one of their cars. And suddenly, my love's seminar was cancelled. I was told that Naruko is a famous place for hot spring and truly natural spot and thre will be a lot of hotels around there. With the help from Fujita-san, he find using his japanese browser, and booked a very nice and cheap hotel with a touch of japanese style. The hotel's name is Kameya...Kame=turtle..and i'm not sure about "ya".
Our journey started around 9 am. The seminar will start at 12. My labmates told me that it will take about max 2 hours to reach the place. We went out quite early, risau sesat etc.. the journey was terrific...nature..with paddy fields, mountains, beatiful flowers and japanese ld style houses. Belum sampai Osaka..i bet that place is beatiful too.
giant kokeshi doll..hehe..the temperature was 22 at that time..jums ke naruko..i tried to capture some of the sceneries

The weather was just nice...not hot..cloudy but it doesnt rain. Alhamdulillah tak sesat. We arrived quite early. While waiting for my seminar to start we went to find Kameya. A bit farther from my seminar place.
really nice and cute with the touch of traditional it..credits goes to Fujita-san
far far away land...sangat susah nak cari tempat seminar ni...jalan berbelit..and very narrow.. inside ala2 jungle gitu..when we first go in, ingatkan tak boleh lalu looks like dead end..rupa-rupanya very nice place with plantations, saw a group of sheeps memula igntkan duk golek2 atas rumput..we were wrong, the grass was quite long and we just saw the upper part of their body hehe..but tak sempat plak snap gambar..i saw momo (plum)..yey..its look like momo gari soon really cant wait...for another fruit picking
my seminar ends around 4.45 pm, kuwa2 my love and parents dah tunggu..yey..kalau lambat nanti kena culik (hehe..tinggi sungguh my imagination ni). we didn't go back to the hotel..we went to look around..alang2 dah sampau naruko..perkara wajib kena cari is Naruko Gorge it's a very high place and we can get a view from top. This place is famous during fall because of the beautiful colors of the, brown, yellow..etc..before if falls..semga ada rezeki utk tgk masa fall nanti..there is a staircase for sightseeing kat bawah tu..ada waterfalls and lots of mini was locked..coz at that time it was just us..takper la next time
wen back to the hotel, singgah souvenir shop..mak aih mahalnya..Qila takder la kokeshi chumel mcm Qila nak tu time eh..seme kokeshi kuno n klasik hehe..sightseeing at naruko gorge which i mention just now..huu locked..
our room..truly japan..hehe..tido atas futon..
on the way to dinner..wahh klasik sungguh corak kimono tu..sort of symbolic..delicious food..yummy..we were so kat sebelah stage..ingtkan ada show hehe
check out hotel tersangat la awal huu 10 am..lepas breakfast, they took the futon and lock the fridge..quite strict..singgah naruko dam..this is the first time of my life tgk empangan in front of my eyes..teringat zaman tgk amazing race..they went to one of the dam but i forgot the place..
on the bridge..where they control the water..view from top of the other side..some pictures of naruko dam at different season..air dia hijau..macam ada raksasa dalam citer imagination is over the limit hehe
it's time to go love bawa g izumi on our way back..jumpa ab, akmal n pitt..kewl place.."Kami"..kami nak ke kami..funny..kat sini pantang ada tanah kosong mesti tanam padi..the pictures was taken near izumi..area bandar just beside the traffic light..

We had a lovely parents love it..and kept talking about naruko and surprisingly they went to hot spring..around 4 am..masa tu takde org..they love it..derang cakap best sangat badan after came out from that time i was fast asleep..mana taknya kul 4 pg huu love, next time kite plak try eh hehe..naruko..i will sure come again..there will be sunflower around july and also hot air ballon...tak nak naik pun as usual..apa lagi kalau bukan amek gambar hehe..


A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

omg! u surely gonna make me crazee within ur stay at Japan! baper yen kokeshi doll yang klasik tu sis? actually qila tak kesah kalau pattern die old-fashioned skit..nanti sis bagitau harga die k? hee

farhanini said...

teringin sgt nk tido atas futon tu.best2.

Hanis MY said...

yuhuu..qila..kalau yang kecik cm key chain tu 500 yen..kalau yang besar sket yng dlm gambar tu more than 1000 yen..owhs..igntkan qila suka yang metropolitan tu..hehe

nini..ala2 tido atas toto jerk hehe cuma dia tebal n lembut la..simut dia pun lembut sgt..he..nanti kita g naruko eh, nini pun sure akan ada annual seminar kat sana nyer..he

eilawaniey said...

beshnya jengjalan...

sYaFi said...

huh i couldnt see the pics:( neway tension nye pasal internet kat umah, i dah order broadband and landline br!! tgh tggu nieyyy..

happyichigo♥ said...

sukenye p jln2....waaah..lebeh2 lagi bersama dgn org yg tersayang!!
ps: qila ni mmg suke kat kokeshi doll kan hanis?

en_me said...

teringat dulu dulu training kat nihonn tewww.. ehehe, salammm


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