Sunday, April 12, 2009

An evening with love...

cherry blossom around kaikan

My love...not that nature kind of person..he admit it yesterday...macam tak percaya je..but i'm glad he's willing to do sakura watching with me. Yesterday, when we were preparing lunch, i suddenly pop up the plan. Instead of going to see hanami tomorrow, i feels like going today. At that time i'm preparing muffin for our tea break usual ptg2 mesti lapar..coincidentally today, dont have discussion with Fukumura sensei. Plus we need to buy some grocery, our fridge is nearly empty. My love thought it's a good had our lunch, solat and ready to go. Before that ronda2 around kaikan..looks like sakura near the field. It's beautiful. And we snap some pictures.

with love

i have no idea what flower is this..but it's pretty

on the way..Tohoku Daigaku Byoin

I am really not sure where to go but i really wanna go at the same spot along the river. The one i went with Mori-san and the gang. But that place is quite far from here and i has a lot of cherry blossom spot..about 8 km long of cherry blossom lane until high up to the mountain. We went alng the river but not until seems a long traffic and looks like everybody wants to picninc while enjoying the view of hanami. Most probably we went to the 1st spot. Tempat paling hujung..still jauh lagi untuk sampai ke Ogawara or Shiroishi. But it is still beautiful and breathtaking. We dont even have a mat and didn't even plan for picnic just jalan2..cuma bawa bekal muffin, coke and tea.

When we arrived, there were a lot of people walking, some are with family and some of them with dogs..tiap kali nampak doggy mesti cepat2 lari..nanti kang tak pasal2 terkena hehe.. taking a few picture..ramai org barbecue pun ada..the smell was really good and ada gerai jual frieds foods, nampak macam best jer..sungguh mencabar keimanan. But we have a more delicious dish which are my muffin (perasan)..since we dont have a mat we just sit at a spot under a tree and start munching.

rasa nak bawa balik 1 tangkai tu..he
baru nampak my love pakai kemeja, tapi tak suka bila windy..sejutss

i like..

love..tgk apa tu..looks like he's enjoying the view

the spot where we ate our bento

posing di bawah sakura yg rendang

sakura until the mountain...

tulip..but not much

menuju ke jambatan...those flowers are pretty too

on the bridge to the other side

candid..masa tu windy

finally..a picture with us in it

Since it is along the riverside, so there were two sides full of cherry trees..our side..jarak cherry tree agak jauh and the other side sangat meriah full of people and the cherry blossom pun lebat and rapat2. My love and i can also see a straight line of cherry tree up until the hillside. It was so beautiful...since it's just a compact camera, we are surely wasting our time trying to capture a bigger view. We just walk, look around and enjoying the view.

different from the rest and the flowers are not much like others

nak bawa balik satu pokok besar ni..hehe

a pose from love

ooki tree

it's time to go home..huhu

We spent about one hour..fuh penat jugak jalan2..went back around 3 pm, singgah Trial to buy our groceries. Trail ni ala2 mydin la jualan secara borong, most of the stuffs are cheap compared to other supa. Anyway, sakura with surely a day to remember..


cibon said...

mie..bakpo aku tgk janggut mu koho panje...sipe janggut dih mung loni...

fasya da lil girl said...

wah..bestnye tgk pokok tuh..rimbun jek..da la kaler pink..mau jek petik.........

sabiqahAnuar said...

uhuu hanisSan, kawaiiiiii...n romantic gitewww, hehehe

Hanis MY said...

saya pun nk petik gak tapi takut hehe

Miss Sa:
hah..romantic ker..besa2 jer..

DaRk AnGeL said...


aidalela said...


Anonymous said...

sakura..oh...cantek nya...

Luna Tsuki said...

Sugoi ano sakura trees <3
they're so beautiful to look at.


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