Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Longest Day...

Nano Hana

Last Saturday was marvelous...i love it..we had our first double date and our first experienced of bbq by the river...double date dgn saper? with El and her hubby..Zai..(ZaiEl) chumelss...This double date was proposed by El. She ym me and told me that there is this very nice place that she really wanted go and invited my love and i to go for a double date. I was..of course..excited and really looking forward for that day. But the date is May 2nd which falls on Saturday. What happen every Saturday? Well..i will have discussion with my Sensei, while my love will have seminar on that day. We really wanted to go..coz El will go to Tokyo on Sunday and we don't have any option for other days. I emailed Fukumura sensei and told him is it possible to postpone the discussion for (Sunday) or other days. And I am glad that i got a green light from him. And ntah cemana my love's seminar was canceled yesterday and forward it to Sunday too. This means that we can go outing and have fun!! Early of May is a holiday called Golden Week in Japan. For this year, the holiday falls from Sunday to Wednesday. But still my love and i need to go to campus on Sunday and Monday. Itu adalah hari yang wajib pergi, hopefully we dont have to go on Tuesday and Wednesday and we can go for another outing on those two days. While waiting on the day..i was wondering.."El..kiter nak g mana ni? Tengok tulip ke?" I really wanna go to tulip park...she replied.."Bukan tulip tapi satu tempat ni cantik sangat." Takperla bukan tulip pun as long as it involves a place full with flowers..hehe

Near mid of April Sakura starts to bloom and lasted for about 2 weeks. It was really beautiful and breathtaking...I thought Sakura is the only attraction here and some tulips or other flowers like roses..and small colorful flower..(kak dhi cakap bunga rumput). The truth is i didnt know there is also other flowers here which are attractive too. The sakura time has passed and i am really happy that i had a memorable experienced and now is the turn of the other flowers to show their beautiful side...and i surely dont want to miss this moment as i love flowers a lot...(love..anniversary nak bunga yer..hehe..sompek lagi tu).

So this time with ZaiEl we went to see Nano Hana (bunga nano) bestla org yang namanya Hana, all the flowers name dia dapat hehe.. i browse through the english name and found Brassica rapa..i'm not sure whether it's the correct one..but nano is just nice and cute. Our journey started very early in the morning. El suggest 8.30 am..jumpa kat 99 Shop..but a day berofe our double date..kak su ym me..she wanted to make BBQ behind her house to welcome the new students...there were four of them Pitt and wife (Airid), Sulastri and Daniel. BBQ?hmm..sounds good, alamak mana satu ni? Can we have both? The bbq will start at 11 am....huu i dont think we can manage to arrive by that time from our outing. Kak su also invited other married couples..inclusing us..and kenetulan husband El turun Sendai so El pun dijemput we had to rearrange our time from 8.30 am to 7.00 am..can i wake up and get ready that early? On Friday, from lab singgah Seiyu..(sib bek bukan Sinyu) yerla takkan nak pergi empty handed to the bbq, so i plan to bring a choc cake and muffin. I found muffin mix..just add butter n eggs...ini memudahkan my job..since it will take some time to prepare the cake and muffin, so now just focus on the cake and muffin tu jap jer bley siap..i like..hehe..sampai rumah about 10 pm..cooked dinner and proceed to my cakes n muffin. I slept a bit late about 1 pm at that time i was sooo tired..topping cake blum buat.. Nak tido jap jer ni..kunun..alih2 sampai pagi about 5.45 am huhu..wake up and get ready seme..then i continued with my topping..msg El that we will be a bit late. Last2 plan nak bertolak from 99 shop at 7 am end up at 7.40 am kut..hehe..if i'm not mistaken.

The place that we went is in Minami Sendai, but not until's on the same way tapi sebelum tu lagi..a place name Kakuda which is on the left exit from Shiroishi highway. But the more specific name..lupa la plak..have to ask El. We arrived there around 8.30 we still have a lot of time before bbq. Nasib baik sampai cepat since the traffic was just smooth. Dari kejauhan dah nampak lautan kuning..field filled with nano hana...mcm ala-ala pemandangan sawah padi gitu? ye ke love? he..we parked our car and started walking towards those flowers. It was sunny yet a bit cold with the soft breeze of the wind. It was so peaceful. There were two parts.. one of it ada seat and table to munch2 while enjoying the view. Another part is, they put newspaper, gunting to cut those flowers..apa eh nama gunting tu..i forgot..wah..peluang keemasan, apa lagi..El and I didn't waste any time..and made a bouquet of flower ala2 miss universe..tak gitu El..hehe..pewasan..We brought some snack but we didn't eat it there..khusyuk tengok bunga and eat it inside the car on he way back (sebenarnya forgot to take it from car boot).

love this picture

with El dearie

makanan tertinggal dlm kete so posing jer kat meja ni..he

seat vip..he..tipu jer

El's brilliant idea..superb dear!

ready to steal..tak la it was free sesape pun bley amek..

mari berkebun

Missy ELliot and Miss Nano..kuikui

last pose sebelum balik

Drop by at Trial to buy charcoal for the bbq, paper plates n cups, El agrees with me that Trial stuffs is really cheap compared to others..but it is a bit far from our place, but it is really worth it bila beli barang time stok kat rumah dah habis so worth it la dengan duit minyak tu..after some mini shopping we went to Kak Su's house..we are the earliest one..tolong2 apa yang patut and we headed to the i walk to the river...i feel terribly shocked..stunned..i didn't even know that the view would be like this..very clean river..with green was fully was awesome..oleh itu saya menamakan hari ini adalah hari bunga sedunia hehe..the guys prepare the fire and roast the chicken while us the girls buat roti john..bahan2 kak su buat tinggal nak fry jer..our menu that day was nasi ayam and ayam bakar together with roti john, i brought choc cake and muffin and last menu..apam balik..teringat zaman pergi pasar malam kat simpang pak tuyu tu..huhu every Thursday...and i still remember masa zaman berchenta love malu2..nak jalan with me hehe..and we end up going separately, yerla nanti apa plak cakap students but at that time the students already knew about our relationship...the bbq was fun...that's what i can concluded..the new comers were sporting and huhahuha...we finished the event around 3 pm after solat Su and i snap some pictures wit the flowers..litle husna pun nak ikut so auntie hanis pun dukung la heret skali dia jadi model are some pictures..

beautiful flowers near the river tapi tatau nama apa..

3 colors of flowers in one

they all tgh berkumpul to prepare the setup

kekenyangan after eating nasi ayam

with Su

silau sket..

Our day didn't end up there..after the bbq we went to Selva..dah lama ajak love g sana..and the night before he pop up the plan..mesti la saya seronok..we were quite tired and love cakap "nak g ker nak balik rumah" "kalau balik rumah rehat2 mesti dah malas keluar" so we headed to Selva, there's nothing special..but we wanna experienced other shopping complex which is different from sendai city...mana tahu the things there cheap or..ada sale was quite a nice place not so crowded like sendai city and Mori-san was right it is quite cheap from sendai city, choice pun boleh tahan..tapi just window shopping and we wanna survey at The Mall and also Diamond city too. Bila la ada masa nak pergi sana tu..penat we headed home..after pusing2 for awhile there...


Masa nak solat maghrib..Akmal n Ab call..ajak dinner at japanese restaurant, Marumatsu..yey our first time eating real japanese food at japanese restaurant..thanks Ab and Akmal..we really love it. It's very cheap and affordable, walaupun penat we just dont want to miss this opportunity, coz kalau nak pergi berdua we dont understand the menu..Ab can speak and read japs love and i dah hafal menu mana yang boleh dimakan so the next time we know what to order, went back home dalam kekenyangan yang amat. What a day..surely the longest outing ever..

dinner at Marumatsu


A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...


Hanis MY said...

ala u..meh ler honeymoon dgn papa aidy kat sini u lg besh nak g London gitu..pastu ada kamera yg sgt2 besh tuk amek gambar..jeles tau he

aiXat.MR said...

mie...picnic denuh hati2 mie...byk yakuza denuh...kene rompak karang...

FadHiLaH_ said...

the place is so nice!!!!!!!!

Hanis MY said...

yes dearie..if u were here i bet you can take a very artistic one..he

anies said...

wahhh..super best! i need an outing to release all the tensions! huhu

hana robert said...

bestnye kumpul ramai2.. :)

Sheriffa said...

Tetiba rasa nak g Jepun...

sabiqahAnuar said...

awwwww, romantic gitewww


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