Friday, December 26, 2008



On the way to Aobayama campus..baru turun dari bas

My love already mentioned last Monday that it is expected to snow on Kinyoubi (Friday). But both of us totally forgot about it. This morning when i look out the window..snow falls down heavily...i was surprised and also excited. The snow seems looks so soft..not like the previous snow last month. I just cant wait to go outside and take's so cold but we forgot about it since we were excited taking pictures. This is our first real snow...just wanna share some pictures..

from our front door

on the way tunggu bas at Tohoku Fukushi Daigaku

posing maut from love..he..

kat belakang lab..

labmates..Sotome-san and Matsushima-san


sabiqahAnuar said...

hehehe excited nampak u ngn snow...heee so lei cari snow boots aa gini =)

Hanis MY said...

boots..hehe ala snow kat sini skejap2 jer u..alasan tak, rupanya dah -8 kat sini jgn makin sejuk dah..takleh tahan huu..

rauhunt said...

musim snow pon org jepun naik motor jgk ke? best ar ..lama doh x tgk org naik motor/skuter ..d uk n europe ni jarang org guna

eilawaniey said...

wah best nyer main snow!!!

Anonymous said...

hai..salam kenal. nice to know you.

syiok nya dpt duk kat jepun. impian ku yang belum tercapai nak jejak kaki kat sana. eksaited tgk blogger s yang study, keje dan berhijrah kat sana.


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